Easy FX Trading with EA Pip Scalper

Whether you are a seasoned Forex trader or a total newbie, something that you probably realize is that currency trading is not easy. People, this is where the high performance and user friendly EA Pip Scalper Forex autobot comes into play, something we will go into more detail about further below.

The fact of the matter is that there is a whole lot of knowledge, skill, practice, and plenty of time that goes into becoming a profitable Forex trader. Well, some people just don’t have that knowledge, and even if you attempt to learn, it can take months or even years to get the basics down. Other people, while they may have the necessary knowledge to be profitable Forex traders, might not have the time to spend countless hours trading each day.

For all of the people out there who don’t have the skill, knowledge and/or time to trade Forex manually, the normal way, or in other words, trade by trade, you could try using something like the EA Pip Scalper automated FX trading app.

People, this is a totally legit autotrader that you just have to install on your computer and then watch as it automatically trades for you. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about this successful EA Pip Scalper FX autotrader so you know what it can do for your trading game.

EA Pip Scalper

EA Pip Scalper Bot – A User-Friendly Forex Autotrader

Right off the bat, what you need to know here is that the EA Pip Scalper system is one of the most user-friendly fully automated trading apps for Forex out there.

You literally just have to install it, activate it, choose your settings (or leave the settings on default), and watch as it trades and profits for you.

Folks, this app is specifically made for beginners who don’t know a thing about Forex. This is the beauty of it, the ability to profit like the best Forex traders out there, without actually knowing anything about FX currency trading.


Exclusively for MetaTrader

The next important thing for you to know is that this particular autotrader for FX is not a standalone program. In other words, it is not directly installed on your computer and used as such.

Instead, it is designed to be an add-on to the highly popular and trusted MetaTrader trading platform. To be specific, the EA Pip Scalper can be installed onto both newest versions of MetaTrader, including MT4 and MT5.

If you truly want the most user-friendly experience, we’d recommend the newer MT5. You might be a bit confused in terms of installing this app, but we will explain this further below.

That said, the fact that the Pip Scalper is used in combination with MetaTrader actually makes like a lot easier, as MetaTrader is also as user-friendly as it gets.


EA Scalper Bot – Results & ROI

What you probably want to know is how successful and profitable the EA Pip Scalper is. After all, the whole point of any Forex autotrader like this is to put money in your pocket. Well, let’s start by saying that other autotraders, the very few that are legit, usually top out at a 40% or 50% accuracy rate, at most.

This means that usually half or more of all trades are lost, which is of course not good. However, there is a reason why the Scalper bot took so long to be made public, which is because it spent a very long time in the R&D phase. Realistically, you can expect this bot to achieve win rates as high as 90% or even 95%, depending on your settings.


Installing the EA Pip Scalper

Installing this software on your computer, or specifically on MetaTrader, is not too hard, but it does take some time. What’s funny is that installing it is probably harder than using it, which is saying something.

It is important to note that if you do not follow all of the steps included in the installation guide, your version of this app will end up not working properly, so be sure to do it right. Follow this link here for a detailed EA Pip Scalper installation guide.


Getting Back to the Default Settings

One problem that people have been experiencing with the EA Pip Scalper app has to do with the default settings. Some people mess with the settings, which is fine. You may be able to change the settings to better match your needs and your style of trading.

However, you can also mess things up, pretty bad too. Now, people have been having issues returning to the default settings, mainly because they just cannot remember what those default settings are. Follow this guide we have linked to in order to find out how to get back to the default settings.


EA Pip Scalper Custom Settings for Higher Profits

Speaking of settings, if you go to the official EA Pip Scalper website, you will see that there are three specific custom settings files that you can download. These are optimized to provide you with maximum returns based on how much money you are trading with. There are custom settings for $100, $1,000, and $10,000 accounts. Read this guide on the custom settings to get the full scoop.


EA Scalper Cost

The other thing we want to note about this software is that it costs only $399. This is a huge bargain, cheaper than any other Forex autotrader out there, and it’s a one-time payment too.

EA Pip Scalper

Making Money with EA Pip Scalper Software

People, as you can see from our examples above, the EA Pip Scalper is indeed the real deal. It’s not just another money stealing Forex scam like so many others out there. This is a legit autotrader that actually puts money into pockets and has proven results.

So, if you are new to the world of Forex trading, or you just don’t want to waste countless hours every single day, using the EA Pip Scalper is definitely an option that you should consider. This is a low cost Forex autotrader that is accurate, profitable, and super user friendly to boot.



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