DavorCoin Review: Big Opportunity!


DavorCoin is a new cryptocurrency that was release in November 2017. Now, the ICO might be over, but the currency itself, DAV, is showing great signs. It is currently on the rise in terms of its value and that bodes well for potential traders and investors. We are here today doing a DavorCoin review to tell you all about it. There are great money making opportunities here, so you definitely don’t want to miss out!




What Is DavorCoin?

DavorCoin is a brand new cryptocurrency that was released back in November of 2017. Yes, the presale and ICO have both been completed already, so you won’t be able to buy the tokens for really cheap anymore. However, even though the presale and ICO are long done, DAV still provides you with a great opportunity to make a healthy profit in the world of cryptocurrencies. To be clear, DAV is considered an altcoin. This means that it is an alternative cryptocurrency to the big guy, Bitcoin. That being said, being an altcoin nowadays is probably better than being Bitcoin.

The big players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few others are currently experiencing value decreases like never seen before. However, this does provide the new guys, the little guys like DavorCoin with the opportunity to increase in value, be very profitable, and potentially even surpass the big players in terms of overall value. So, in essence, DAV is a cryptocurrency just like all others. It can be bought, traded, sold, and so much more. There is actually a DAV lending, staking, and trading platform too. This new DavorCoin software is a great way for you to make money in various different ways.



DavorCoin Whitepaper & Roadmap

Even though the initial coin offering as well as the presale is already done, not to mention that the DavorCoin itself has already been launched, there are still lots of things to be done any many ways for you to make a healthy profit with it. Let’s take a quick look at the DavorCoin roadmap to help you figure out exactly what the plan is for the year of 2018.

  • First Quarter 2018 – The top 5 promoters will be spending a week in Paris as a reward for being a top promoter. There will be a new global marketing program put in place with new marketing material and affiliate events. The Davor million dollar club will be launched for members who lend more than 1 million. The public exchange API will open to all outside third parties.
  • Second Quarter 2018 – The mobile wallet app and Davor native mobile app will be released. There will be an advanced marketing platform released for promoters to engage in more comprehensive advertising. You will also be able to buy DAV using BTC and other altcoins.
  • Third Quarter 2018 – The Davor Social Hub will be launched for communication with other DavorCoin members. The instant DavorCoin to altcoin exchange will be opened.
  • Fourth Quarter 2018 – There will be a partnership with credit card issuing companies. Hardfork will now support SegWit, Lightning Network and Atomic Swap.


Buying DavorCoin

Buying DavorCoin at this point is fairly easy. To be clear, one single DavorCoin is currently worth just over $78. This shows that the price is very good right now and has gone up significantly since the initial release. The price for purchase may be a little high at this point, but the price will continue rising and therefore still offer you a great money making opportunity. You do need to sign up for an account with DavorCoin, after which you will be able to buy as many coins as your heart desires.

However, at this point, you can only use Bitcoin to buy DavorCoin. So, you will need to go by some BTC in order to buy DAV. However, later this year, the system is going to change so you can buy DAV with altcoins and potentially through traditional payment methods such as online banking and with credit cards.

How To Make Money With DavorCoin

Well, the really cool part here is that there are going to be very many different ways of making a profit with DavorCoin. First of all, simply buying them and having these coins will allow you to make a healthy profit. Simply put, if the price continues to rise, you will make money. It’s like they say. You need to buy low and sell high. So, if you invest in DAV as soon as possible, before the price goes up more, when the price does go up, it will be pure profit for you.



There is also the fact that you will be able to buy, sell, and hedge DavorCoin just like traditional trading with a semi-automated or fully automated trading app. Being able to trade DavorCoin through signal pairs will actually allow you to make a profit whether the price of DavorCoin goes up or down, which is pretty cool if you ask us.

You will also be able to use the DavorCoin app to lend DAV. This works just like with any other cryptocurrency. Depending on the level of lending you engage in, you can make as much as 48% monthly interest with up to 0.35% in daily interest bonuses. There are lower levels to the lending, but the highest lending package is where you really want to be.

There is also the staking program, where you can mine DAV and keep it in your wallet. During the first year you will be able to make as much as 10% interest per month through staking, which is quite impressive. Also, there is an affiliate program. For each person you sign up for DAV, you will get 8% in commissions. There are actually 5 levels to the affiliate program for up to 16% commission.

DavorCoin Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that DavorCoin is a great opportunity for investing, trading, lending, staking, and so much more. If you want to make money in the world of cryptocurrencies, DavorCoin is a great way to go about it.



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