CryptooDukes Review: Another CRYPTO SCAM!


When it comes to cryptocurrency scams, the CryptooDukes App is right up there with the very worst of them. This is actually a two part scam, one that includes an educational side of things as well as an auto-trader too. Apparently, this CryptooDukes system will teach us to become the very best cryptocurrency traders that we can be. At the same time, it is also meant to be one of the world’s best automated cryptocurrency trading tools.

However, we know for a fact that both of these aspects are totally bogus, meant to rip you off, and at the end of the day will lead to absolutely no financial gain whatsoever. There are tons of red flags here, all of which clearly indicate that this CryptooDukes program is indeed a scam.

There is just way too much going on for us to be able to trust this system at all. We’re here right now doing a CryptooDukes scam review because you need to be warned about the very real danger posed to you by this malicious trading system. Let’s get on with our CryptooDukes review so we can tell you exactly why you need to stay as far away from it as humanly possible.



CryptooDukes Scam – Nonsensical Setup

One of the things that shows us that these guys are not serious in the least is that they did not even think the whole scam through. Like we said, the CryptooDukes app consists of an automated cryptocurrency trading platform as well as an educational side. This is quite pointless and stupid if you ask us. No matter if the educational material is decent or not, teaching people about trading with crypto while also selling an automated trader makes no sense. The CryptooDukes trading system is fully automated, therefore rendering the educational stuff useless.

On the flipside, even if the educational stuff were good, which it is not, you can’t even put it to use because the system itself is totally automated. Now, while this does not automatically mean that this CryptooDukes app is a scam, it does mean that the creators are somewhat dumb and don’t know how to put together a good business or sales pitch. These clowns definitely do not deserve our respect as they could not even come up with a decent plan, whether a legit one or to scam people.

CryptooDukes App – Useless Educational Content

Ok, so we just talked about how combining education with a full auto system is stupid. Well, would it make a difference if we told you that the value of the educational material that comes with this CryptooDukes software is totally worthless? Yeah, we took a quick look at the various brochures and seminars regarding cryptocurrency trading. You won’t learn anything here that Google, YouTube, or we here at the Cryptocurrency Army couldn’t teach you.

In fact, most of the “education” provided by this ridiculous scam system is completely bogus anyway. Even if you could put the education to use with the CryptooDukes automated trading platform, it would be a bad idea. It seems as though these crooks are actively teaching people the worst strategies, almost like they want people to lose. At any rate, the educational content here has about as much value as a twice chewed stick of gum.



CryptooDukes Software – Useless Trading Platform

Yet another thing that really stands out about this CryptooDukes system is that the automated trading platform itself is also completely useless. Well, it is useless for us, but we are sure that the criminals behind this scam are happy with it. After all, they designed it specifically to steal money from innocent people like us. The point that we are trying to make here is that not a single person has ever made a profit with this CryptooDukes app, no one, not ever.

First off, we are never told how this CryptooDukes software works. A good cryptocurrency trading platform needs to have good indicators, a market analysis section, strategies, and all that stuff. However, we are never informed of any of this stuff. We are simply supposed to believe that this software uses the best technology in the world to put money in our pockets. Oh yeah, but we are never actually informed what the profit potential of this system is like, yet another suspicious aspect.

The bottom line here is that we have gotten tons of complaints about this ludicrous trading app, mainly people saying that their money has just disappeared into thin air. Well, this is because this is a scam, it is meant to steal money from people, and it is doing just that. Trust us when we say that you need to stay very far away from this CryptooDukes scam because all it does is cause financial ruin for hard working people.

CryptooDukes App – Littered With Fake People

Just to put the final nails in the coffin of this horrible scam, we also realized that anybody and everybody you see on the website is a total phony. We are told that the leader of this CryptooDukes scam is Jaden Monahan, some self-proclaimed super trading guru. However, we did our due diligence and sure enough, we discovered that he is not a real person at all. What you see on the website is nothing more than a stolen stock image combined with a fictitious name.



Moreover, we also discovered that the various CryptooDukes user testimonials featured on the website are just as fake as the “owner” himself. Not a single one of the user testimonials is genuine in the least. They were written by the very same crooks that are trying to screw us over with this CryptooDukes trading scam. Rest assured folks, not a single person you see on the website is a real, legit, and genuine person.



CryptooDukes Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing that needs to be said about this CryptooDukes system is that you need to stay away from it at all costs.



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