CryptoLux Scam Review: BOGUS ICO??


If you like investing in cryptocurrencies and making big profits, you probably want to stay away from this CryptoLux ICO. This is a supposed to be an awesome opportunity for people to invest into an initial coin offering and get back really nice profits. More than that, it is also supposed to come with a state of the art cryptocurrency trading system, one that will produce even more profits.

This is good and well, but there is actually no proof to back up any of the claims that these guys made. While there is literally zero evidence to show that this CryptoLux system is the real deal, there is plenty of evidence we can present to prove that it is indeed a complete rip off. There are a ton of scam factors present here, all of which undeniably confirm our suspicions that this cryptocurrency initial coin offering is anything but legitimate.

It might look promising at first, but trust us when we say that this is a big pile of lies and false promises. We are here today doing this CryptoLux review for your benefit. You need to be warned about the very real threat which this crypto ICO and trading system poses to your financial security, a warning which we are about to pass on to you.

CryptoLux Scam



CryptoLux ICO – Anonymous & Totally Illegal

The very first aspect of the CryptoLux ICO that came to our attention has to do with its leadership and standing as a company. For one, nowhere on the website does it mention who is in charge here. We don’t who created this initial coin offering, who owns it, or who runs it. There is a complete lack of information in regards to this.

In other words, this initial coin offering is completely faceless and has no transparency whatsoever. This is a huge problem as far as we are concerned. Unless there is something illegal and fraudulent going on here, there is no viable reason for the people in charge to hide their identities. The only reason why these crooks want to remain anonymous is because they are stealing money from people and they do not want to go to prison for it.

Furthermore, we also know that this CryptoLux company is not registered at all. Sure, on the website we are provided with a company registration certificate. However, it is completely fake and falsified. If you look up this CryptoLux business in the UK business registry, it simply does not exist. As well, the contact details provided are 100% fake too. This leads to the next point that this CryptoLux system has no licensing of any sort.


CryptoLux Scam


These guys are taking so called investments from people and providing financial advice. Both of these things are financial activities which require strict regulation and special licensed. Seeing as the CryptoLux system is anonymous, it is not transparent, and comes complete with fake registration documents, it stands to reason that it is not licensed. Sure, these crooks will still take your money, but they are simply stealing it, not using it for investments for your benefit.


One thing that is clear about the CryptoLux ICO is that it does not produce profits of any kind. For one, these crooks claim that you will gain 45% ROI every single month after your initial investment. Wow, do we ever wish that we could find an investment system that could actually provide those kinds of returns. However, of course, this is not true, it is not realistic, and it simply cannot be done. Promising this amount of profits is totally bogus and you will never see a single penny.


CryptoLux Scam


What we noticed here is that these criminals claim that cryptocurrency is a permanent growth market. This statement is meant to lure people in, because it makes it seem like there is absolutely no way to lose your investment in cryptocurrencies. After all, it is a permanent growth market that never suffers losses, right? Wrong! Cryptocurrencies are not a permanent growth market, and in fact, there is no such thing to begin with. Prices fluctuate and that goes for cryptocurrencies too. This is nothing more than a trick meant to lure in people who are not knowledgeable about crypto.


CryptoLux Scam


Next, we are told that this CryptoLux ICO comes with a great cryptocurrency trading system, one that can produce thousands of dollars in profits each and every single day. Well, there is literally no proof or evidence to confirm this. Also, we are not at all told how this trading platform is supposed to work. At the end of the day, every single person we have talked to, who has invested money into this ICO, has been sorely disappointed. Nobody has made a penny in profits and the people behind this scam make sure of it.


CryptoLux ICO Scam – A PONZI SCHEME!

The final thing that we want to talk about here is the so called referral commission program in place here. The claim is that you can make insane amounts of money simply by getting your friends to join the CryptoLux ICO and invest money in it. Of course, this is also a complete lie. Sure, you can get your friends to invest money, money which will be stolen from them, but you will also never get any kind of commission from it. It is a lie meant to get you to do the dirty work for these crooks, but you will never get anything in return for it.

CryptoLux Scam

CryptoLux Review – Conclusion

So, as you can see, this CryptoLux system is anything but the real deal. The company is fake and non-existent, plus it is headed by anonymous crooks who choose to stay hidden in the shadows. It has all of the classic makings of a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme, plus it has not provided a single person with any amount of profits so far. It is painfully obvious that this CryptoLux ICO is just another cryptocurrency scam meant to steal as much money from as many people as possible. Guys, just stay away from it!




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