Crypto VIP Club Scam Review


Crypto VIP Club software is a brand new Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading app which is said to be highly profitable. However, that is anything but accurate or true. The Crypto VIP Club app does not have a single truthful bone in its body. We are here doing a Crypto VIP Club scam review to give you warning about this dangerous trading app.



Crypto VIP Club App – Phony Endorsements

One of the first signs that there is a scam afoot here is that the Crypto VIP Club website is filled with fake endorsements. Sure, having prominent news outlets featuring your name is a good thing, especially when they say positive things. However, this all means absolutely nothing when all of it is totally fabricated. On the Crypto VIP Club software website, it says that various news outlets such as CNN, Forbes, Financial Times, and Time have all endorsed this BTC trading system and said nothing but good things about it. This is not true in the least. None of those aforementioned news sources have ever mentioned the Crypto VIP Club app, not in a good or bad way. These guys are total liars and their claims of endorsements are as bogus as the trading program itself.



Crypto VIP Club User Testimonials – FAKE!

Another thing which shows us that Crypto VIP Club software is a scam is how the website is loaded with user testimonials written by non-existent people. Sure, people love to see positive testimonials and reviews regarding anything and everything. However, these testimonials are totally worthless considering that they are made up out of thin air. All of the Crypto VIP Club testimonials are fraudulent. They were written by the same people selling us this totally ludicrous Bitcoin trading app. The pictures we see are nothing more than stolen stock photos from people that were already used for several other marketing and sales campaigns. These testimonials are not real and you definitely cannot believe any of the things contained in them.



Crypto VIP Club Scam App – Andrew King

We are led to believe that the man in charge here is named Andrew King. However, we highly doubt this to be true. Andrew is not a real person in any way, shape, or form. During the presentation video we are greeted with a voice narrator and he claims to be Mr. King. However, this is not true at all. We always get really suspicious whenever we hear or see voice narration without a real life person for us to view. This is because hiding the identity of a fictitious voice narrator is much easier than hiding a paid actor.

We know for a fact that this narration is carried out by the same scumbags who are in charge of the Crypto VIP Club app, not by Andrew King. We looked him up and besides the results associated with the Crypto VIP Club app, he has no search results in all of the World Wide Web. This man does not exist. He is just in place to protect the identities of the real crooks running this terrible thievery. They don’t want to go to prison due to their illegal and fraudulent Crypto VIP Club app, so they use a scapegoat in the form of a voice narrator.



Crypto VIP Club Scam Software – Licensing

Related to that previous point is the fact that all cryptocurrency trading systems need to be licensed and regulated. Without the proper licensing and regulation, they cannot operate legally. Well, only the most reliable and credible of trading systems with legit people running the show can get these licenses. Seeing as the Crypto VIP Club is anything but credible, plus it’s headed by anonymous crooks, you can be sure that there is no such licensing here. We strongly suspect that the Crypto VIP Club app never makes trades at all, it just steals your money, but if it does make trades, it is not doing so in the realm of legality.



Crypto VIP Club Program – The Brokers

This is also related to the two previous points. Every crypto or BO trading program needs a reliable broker to execute trades and handle the money. Well, reliable brokers need to be licensed just like the systems themselves. A reliable, licensed, and regulated broker would never dare to connect itself to a scam program out of fear of being blacklisted as a scam brokers. Seeing as the Crypto VIP Club app is unlicensed, unregulated, illegal, and fraudulent, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is no such thing as a good broker involved here. If there is a broker, it is a scam broker that is equally as fraudulent and criminal in nature as Crypto VIP Club software itself.




How Does The Crypto VIP Club App Make Money?

This is a big bone of contention because we are never actually informed of how the Crypto VIP Club app works. Yes, we are told that Steven King’s algorithm and trading strategy is in place in order to execute highly profitable trades. However, we already discovered that this Andrew guy is a total phony, plus we are never told what this so called awesome trading strategy actually is. This is a big problem and it goes a long way in showing that Crypto VIP Club software does not work at all.

On that same note, we are also told that Crypto VIP Club software can generate $2,500 per day or over $17,000 per week. Put it this way, there are no trading systems in the world that can rake in that kind of money. Even the best cryptocurrency and BO trading systems cannot take in more than $1,250 per day at the very most. Making the kind of money claimed by Crypto VIP Club software is ludicrous, unrealistic, and wholly impossible. Heck, $2,500 per day, 5 days per week, does not even add up to $17,000!



Crypto VIP Club Scam Review – Conclusion

There is nothing left to say but to repeat that the Crypto VIP Club app is a scam, a total rip off, and a one way ticket to financial ruin!




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