CPU CAP Scam Review: BEWARE!


When it comes to cryptocurrency mining scams, the CPU CAP scam is one of the most ridiculous ones that we have seen in a very long time. Seriously, we are all for cryptocurrency mining. It can indeed be very profitable. Yes, it costs money to run the software and hardware, but if it puts money in our pockets, we are not going to argue. However, this CPU CAP software is the most ludicrous and scam-looking crypto mining program that we have ever seen.

We have personally been mining crypto for several years now and we have done so for quite a few different coins. However, we refuse to use any kind of system like this CPU CAP scam software. It is so clearly obvious and evident that this is a monumental rip off that we don’t even know why it is online. This CPU CAP system looks like a scam no matter what angle you approach it from. It is totally stupid to think that this horrible crypto mining system could ever put money in your pocket.

One way or another, this is an absolute scam and it will steal money from you any way that it can. We are here today doing a CPU CAP review for your benefit. This CPU CAP scam review is going to give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about this completely bogus mining system. Keep reading because you definitely do not want to miss any of the things that we have to say about this junk mining system.



CPU CAP Software – A Terrible Website

One of the first and most obvious indications that this crypto miner is a scam is the fact that the website is literally the worst that we have ever seen. Seriously, this is not a joke of any kind. If you take a look at the site for the CPU CAP app, you will know exactly what we mean. Heck, it features one single page with absolutely no information on it.

It features several links which say “start mining” for various cryptocurrencies. Other than that, there is nothing on the website at all. You can’t scroll down, there is no about page, no contact page, and nothing which explains how it works. The fact of the matter is that the CPU CAP website is so bad, that we just can’t trust it or take it seriously at all.

It looks like a 5 year old used Microsoft Paint to create the website in under 10 minutes. You would think that such a highly profitable cryptocurrency mining tool would have a nice, good looking, and comprehensive website. Having such a crappy website is a surefire way to tell that the CPU CAP system is a scam. Literally zero money went into creating the website, which goes to show just how lazy these guys really are.

CPU CAP System – A Fake Company

We are told that the CPU CAP system is registered under the company CPU CAP INC. However, this is simply not true at all. We looked up business registries from around the world and came up totally empty. We could not find this particular business registered anywhere in the world. This is a telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here.

In other words, these crooks claim that they have a legit business when none actually exists. If you are looking for proof that CPU CAP software is a scam, this is as good as it is going to get. Seriously folks, you cannot trust a cryptocurrency mining tool when the company behind it is fraudulent and non-existent. How do you ever expect to get your money back?

CPU CAP Program – A Phony Leader

Yet another clear indication that CPU CAP scam software is nothing more than a rip off is that the leader is a total scam artist. We are told that the name of the person running the show is Alex Denial. We are going to ignore the fact that this guy claims to be named DENIAL. One way or another, this is a really weird name and it definitely arouses our suspicions.

Besides the weird name, we are given his contact info and address, which are completely fake without a shadow of a doubt. Apparently this is his address: California California, Kırıkkale, Turkey 55123. This is obviously fake because there is no California in Turkey. At the same time, the phone number provided, +505.555555555, is about as bogus as it gets.

We looked up this Alex Denial character online and could not find a single thing about him. The only evidence that we found of his existence is his link to this CPU CAP scam app. The bottom line is that neither the person, Alex, nor the company, CPU CAP INC, is real in any way, shape, or form. This is all just one huge rip off.

CPU CAP Software – Putting Your Wallet At Risk

Perhaps the most suspicious aspect of this whole thing is how we are never really told how it works at all. We are told that CPU CAP software mines for various cryptocurrencies. However, we are never informed whether we need to download software and use our own hardware, or if we get to use the online server. At the same time, we are also never told how much it costs to use this CPU CAP software.

Nobody gives anything away for free, so it must cost something, either in upfront fees or mining commissions. Moreover, we are never informed of how much money the CPU CAP  system can generate in terms of coins. Finally, these guys ask for your Bitcoin wallet before they ask for anything else. They try to make it seem like they will send you BTC on a daily basis, but we think that they just want your BTC wallet address. BTC wallets are usually quite secure, but you never know what a team of hackers can accomplish until it is too late.

CPU CAP Scam Review – Conclusion

A total lack of information, a horrible website, and a totally nonsensical way of functioning forces us to render the judgement that the CPU CAP app is a scam. This thing doesn’t make any sense at all. The only thing it does is steal money from people. We aren’t even sure how it does that, but rest assured that you will definitely not be mining any crypto coins with this CPU CAP scam.




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