COTPS Crypto Trading Software FAQ

The COTPS cryptocurrency trading system was just released, and it’s already very popular. That said, many people do have questions about it. Today, we are here to do our COTPS cryptocurrency trading software FAQ article to provide you with a bit of clarification on some confusing issues.


What is COTPS & How Does it Work?

COTPS is a brand new piece of cryptocurrency trading software that was just released last week. Although it is very new, it’s already made a huge impact on the cryptocurrency trading community. If you haven’t already guessed, this is a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Yes, it is designed specifically to trade crypto currencies and nothing else. Moreover, it is a semi automated platform. Now, keep in mind that COTPS is an arbitrage trading platform. In layman’s terms, this means that this software scans all of the different cryptocurrency exchanges out there as well as all of their crypto currencies. .

Here, the software buys a certain cryptocurrency from the exchange that has it for the lowest price, and then sells it back to another exchange that will provide the highest profit. In other words, this platform buys low and sells high. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.



Is This Software the Real Deal?

A lot of people are concerned that this COTPS trading software is not the real deal. However, we are here to put your fears to rest, because we can assure you that it is in no way, shape, or form a scam. This is a legitimate piece of trading software that has a real company behind it.

If you don’t believe us, just go to the main website and look at the paperwork. In fact, this company is registered and incorporated in Canada. Canada has some of the strictest rules around concerning this kind of thing, so you can rest assured that everything is up to code.


How Do I Sign Up for COTPS?

To sign up for COTPS trading software, all you have to do is follow the links that we have provided within this article here today. Once you get into the get to the main website, you will have to fill out some information.

You’re going to have to choose what language you speak, what country you reside in, and you’ll also have to enter your phone number. Once you’ve done this, you will get a confirmation code on your mobile phone. You will then have to enter this confirmation code in the corresponding section on the COTPS website.

Once this has been done, you’ll just need to create a nickname for your account, as well as a secure password. Once everything is complete, you will then have a functional account to trade with.



Is it a Fully Automated App?

Many people are wondering whether this app is fully automated or semi automated. Well, technically speaking, it can be both. The fact of the matter is that when you just download this application, it is semiautomated. This of course means that you need to manually and individually execute trades. It’s not the end of the world, although it’s also not the pinnacle of efficiency.

That said, if you sign up through the links that we have provided you with here today, and you contact Andrew directly at [email protected], you will be sent a special software script in your email. This is a software script that you then upload into the main platform, which effectively turns the system into a fully automated cryptocurrency trading system.


How to Deposit & Withdraw Money?

Something else that you might be wondering here is how you are going to deposit money to trade with. After all, you do need to load money into your account so you can trade. Well, within the platform, you are going to see a section that says mine.

Within this section, you are going to see a tab that says recharge. You are going to click on that tab that says recharge. Once you have clicked on it, you will see a QR code, which is one of the deposit methods. You can use your mobile phone along with the QR code to deposit money.

However, you can also go with more traditional method, which is uploading money into your account by depositing USDTTRC20 tokens. Moreover, in terms of the withdrawal methods, you can use all standard withdrawal methods that most trading platforms come with.


How Do I Trade With it?

Placing trades with COTPS software is easily done. First of all, on a side note, you can of course also simply invest some money into this platform and then use the interest accumulation method to make money. If you do this, for instance, you can choose to lock in your money for 13 days, in which case you’ll get a return of 9% on your investment after those 13 days are up.

However, to make more money, you do want to utilize the arbitrage trading system. To trade using the arbitrage system, you are going to go to the transaction hall within the COTPS platform, and then click on the section says immediate competition for orders.

When you click on immediate competition for orders, you are going to be provided with a specific trade, the best possible trade that you can make at any given time. All you then have to do is to manually execute the trade.

Each trading session lasts for two hours and 13 minutes, and starts at the time when you execute a specific trade. When those two hours and 30 minutes are up, you can choose to withdraw your money, or you can have your profits compound and keep reinvesting them.


What Are the Profits Like?

The profits generated by CEO TPS trading software aren’t huge. With that being said, they are extremely reliable. You are more or less guaranteed to make 3.6% in profits per day as long as you keep compounding your profits. Making 3.6% in profits per day is actually quite substantial when it comes to any sort of trading. 

How Much Does it Cost?

The really cool thing about this piece of cryptocurrency trading software is the fact that it actually doesn’t cost anything to use or to download. Of course, the makers do want to make a profit as well, which is why they just take a small fraction of your profits.

COTPS Crypto Software FAQ – The Bottom Line

We hope that we have managed to answer all of your most pressing questions about this Scott PS trading software. If we haven’t, you can always feel free to contact us directly. Whatever the case may be, we do recommend giving this software a try, as it is at this time one of the most reliable pieces of cryptocurrency trading software out there.


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