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Ok, so we just performed our first live trading session with the brand new Copy Soros trading application. We were expecting it to go quite well, as there was a lot of hype surrounding this new software. However, to be perfectly candid, it went a whole lot better than we could have ever hoped for. The Copy Soros app is of courser brand new. It was just released yesterday, at which point we did a little introductory review.

However, we do of course always want to test new software like this out for ourselves. The point here is that if something goes wrong, at least we are the ones losing the money and taking the damage, not you. Yet, we can now with total confidence say that you should try using this new day trading platform for yourself. Our first live trading session was a massive success and we actually managed to make a ton of money.

Today’s Copy Soros review is going to be all about our first trading session, how we traded, and what the results were like. Yes, the results were extremely impressive and this first live trading session definitely indicates that there are more good things to come. Today we will also do a little rundown of what exactly this software is and how it works, just so you know what you are getting into.

Copy Soros First Trades – 100% Win Rate!

One of the biggest points we want to make today is that the Copy Soros system managed to win all of the trades which we placed with it yesterday. Now, when we start trading with a new app like this, we usually only place a single trade, maybe two trades, you know, just to test the waters, so we can see what the results are like.

However, we already knew coming into this first session that this platform is high quality. Therefore, we decided to take a bit more risk upon ourselves. We placed a total of 4 Forex trades simultaneously, or at least back to back. At any rate, we had 4 Forex trades open at once.

Now, Forex does tend to be the most reliable when it comes to steady profits, but you could also try your hand at cryptocurrencies, stocks, or indices too. At any rate, all 4 of the Forex trades we placed with this application turned out to be in the money. We are of course very pleased with this result. Now, what you should be aware of here is that a 100% ITM or win rate is not something we are going to expect to happen all of the time in the coming weeks and months.

While it is a good sign that our first trading session saw only wins and no losses, you cannot expect any kind of trading tech to perform like this 100% of the time. However, at any rate, this first Copy Soros trading session went very well, and a 100% ITM rate is always a sign of good things to come.

Copy Soros First Trades – Fantastic ROI!

Alright, so seeing as all 4 of our Forex trades turned out to be winners, you are probably interested to know what this translates to in terms of profits. Well, to start, we invested 1,000 Euros across all 4 trades. In other words, we invested roughly 250 Euros in each of the 4 trades. We decided to go with a moderate amount, because after all, the name of the game is to make money.

At the end of the day yesterday, we managed to make a profit of 400 Euros. To put it in other terms, based off our initial investment, this translates to an ROI of roughly 40%. Folks, 40% might not sound like a whole lot, but the fact of the matter is that it’s actually fantastic.

Most other trading applications won’t reach that level, not in a single day. People, it took us just a couple hours of trading with the Copy Soros app to make 400 Euros. Now, imagine if we traded all day long instead of just for a couple of hours. Chances are pretty good that we would have made up to 2,000 Euros profit in a single day! As you can see, this Copy Soros software is indeed very profitable.

Copy Soros

Copy Soros Trading App – Connecting Your Broker

Something that is important to note is that you need to connect your broker to be able to trade. No, this Copy Soros system is not a broker, just a trading platform, so you do need to register with an appropriate broker and make a cash deposit to start trading.

We do want to say that all brokers which are available here are legit, registered, and licensed. There are no scam brokers involved here. Simply follow the steps which we have outlined below to register and connect your broker.

Step 1: – Complete The Registration Form

Copy Soros

Step 2: Click on “Connect Now”

Step 3: Make A Deposit & Start Trading For Profits

Copy Soros

Copy Soros First Trades – Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Copy Soros platform is a definite trading powerhouse. This first trading session produced a 100% win rate with no trades being lost, complete with a 400 Euro gain, which in this case equals a rough 40% return on investment. This is of course spectacular, and we honestly never expected the results to be quite so good.

As it seems, this Copy Soros software is a Forex trading powerhouse. It took us only a couple of hours to make some pretty hefty returns, and yes, we are very happy with it. Let’s not forget the fact that this software is very easy to use and super beginner friendly, plus it functions on mobile devices too. If you finally want to start making real money trading Forex, crypto, stocks, and more, we would absolutely recommend giving this new trading platform a shot.


Copy Soros

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