CoinsEXT Scam Review: MINING FRAUD!


Cryptocurrency mining can certainly be very profitable. However, you do have to have the right setup or invest in the right mining program. If you are thinking of using the CoinsEXT mining to make some money through Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum mining, you probably want to stay away from it.

While the CoinsEXT system looks ok at a glance, if you do more research, it quickly becomes apparent that it is a rip off. It might seem like this system is intended to help put money in your pocket. Yet, the exact opposite is the case here. The CoinsEXT mining system is designed to take money out of your pocket. We are here today doing a CoinsEXT review to provide you with fair warning about this terrible scam.


Coinsext scam



One piece of proof that we have which confirms that the CoinsEXT system is a scam, is that it is completely faceless and anonymous. There is a not a single place on the website which discloses who the CEO of this company is.

We literally have no idea who is in charge here, which is a really big problem to say the least. How are we supposed to trust this BTC mining system with our money when we don’t know whose hands that money is in?

It is not like these guys just forgot to put an “about us” section on the website. They have purposefully gone out of their way to make sure that we do not know who they are. This is very suspicious and it makes us question the legitimacy of this CoinsEXT mining program.

Like we have said many times before, you just cannot trust any kind of anonymous cryptocurrency mining or investment system. If you do not know who is behind the program, you don’t know who is handling your money, or in this case, who is stealing it.

CoinsEXT LTD – NON-Existent Company!

The next telltale sign that there is a scam going on here is that this cryptocurrency mining operation is not registered, licensed, or regulated in any way. Sure, the website has a section detailing when the company was made and what it is all about. There is even a CoinsEXT LTD registration document shown. However, this is all just one big load of bologna.

There are some contact details and phone numbers provided on the website, all of which is totally bogus. You won’t ever hear back from these guys, which is because the address, phone, and email are all fake. Moreover, the incorporation document shown is doctored and fabricate out of thin air. It is not legitimate in any way. This company appears to be wholly non-existent.


Coinsext scam


Even worse than that is the fact that this CoinsEXT scam app is taking money from you when it is not legally entitled to do so. Companies cannot just go around taking investments from people without the proper licensing. That is called theft and this is exactly what is going on here. This crypto mining company is fake, it doesn’t exist in the physical realm, it provides fake documents, and it should not be taking investments to begin with.

CoinsEXT Scam App – What About The Mining?

The next suspicious factor about this CoinsEXT operation is that we are never provided with any evidence that any mining actually occurs here. Sure, we are told that this system can mine for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, but there is no proof to back this up. Nowhere on the website are we given any real info about the mining operation itself.

Where is the operation set up? How many main frames are involved? What is the daily mining capacity? What are the overhead costs? How much of our money is being used to sustain mining?

These are all very important questions, ones that we are never given answers too. This is extremely suspicious to say the least. If we are to invest our hard earned money into this CoinsEXT mining system, we need to know that there is real crypto mining taking place.


The reality here is that the CoinsEXT app is not profitable in the least. Yes, we are told that BTC mining comes with a 10% daily ROI, Litecoin comes with a 12% daily ROI, and ETH mining comes with a 15% daily ROI. However, this is simply not possible no matter what universe you live in. You would be extremely lucky to make as much as 1% in returns per day.

Making up to 15% per day, which is near 450% per month is not realistic or doable in the least. Even worse is how these crooks guarantee these returns. Seeing as cryptocurrencies can vary in value greatly from one day to the next, guaranteeing these returns cannot be done.


Coinsext scam


The other part we need to mention is that even if this were possible, nobody has actually ever made any money here. The CoinsEXT app has stolen countless amounts of money from thousands of people already. Yet, not a single person has ever made a profit. This is more or less all of the proof that we need to condemn this BTC mining app as a complete scam once and for all!

CoinsEXT Software – IT’S A PONZI SCHEME!

The other thing that we need to mention here is that the CoinsEXT app is also a Ponzi scheme, plus a pyramid scheme too. They guarantee massive returns on small investments, yet no money ever materializes. At the same time, these crooks try to use an affiliate bonus system to try and get you to get your friends to sign up too. However, no affiliate commissions are ever handed out, even more proof that this is a scam.


Coinsext scam


CoinsEXT Review – Conclusion

If you are still thinking of using this CoinsEXT mining scam to make money, think again, because all you will accomplish is the total loss of your investment. This cryptocurrency mining scam is designed to steal your cash, not to help you make more of it. Please folks, stay away from this crypto mining operation!



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