CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited Scam Review


There is a lot to say here so we are not going to waste any time. The CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited ICO is a scam, it will steal your money, and we are here to prove it. This is the CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited review and it is crucial that you are aware of this terrible ICO thievery.


CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited Scam


CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited ICO – Same Scam With New Name

Perhaps the first giveaway that this whole thing is one massive rip off is that it is in fact not a new scam. Sure, it might have a new name, but the scam itself has actually been around for quite a while now. We realized this when we took a closer look at it, especially the layout of the website as well as the name of it.

There have been other scams released in the last year that have gone by names such as CoinPlus Bitcoin, CoinPlus Limited, and just CoinPlus. All of these scams, including this one that we are here reviewing today, are all from the same scammers. It is the same scam with a new name. It screwed people out of money several months ago, several weeks ago, and is still strong at it today.

CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited ICO – Faceless!

This CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited company, as well as the ICO, plus the trading software, all don’t have clear leadership. There is nowehere on the site where we are told who is in charge here. Who is leading the operation? Who funded the initial stages? Who programmed the software? Who is the ICO? Who put together the financial plan? We don’t know any of these things and that is a huge problem to say the very least.

We cannot possibly be expected to trust our money with a scam ICO like this when we have zero clue about who is actually running the show. If this ICO and the trading system were actually legit, there would be no good reason to keep the identities of the people in charge a secret. The only reason they are choosing to keep themselves hidden from the eye of the public and the law is because they know darn well that what they are doing is illegal. You can never trust any kind of anonymous cryptocurrency ICO or investment program.


CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited Scam – Fake Company!

The company itself, CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited is totally fake and non-existent. They do a pretty good job on the website in terms of making themselves seem legit, but not good enough. They might have thought that we would not go check their registration and incorporation documents, but it is our job to do so and we did.

The incorporation documents provided to us on the website are completely fake and fabricated. This whole company does not actually exist, is not a legal entity, and is therefore not allowed to do anything it promises to do. This is more or less the only piece of proof that we need to label this whole thing as a totally illegal rip off, but alas, there is still more to be said.


CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited Scam



CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited Scam ICO – Unlicensed

The next sign that this CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited system is a scam, is that it is unregulated, unregistered, and unlicensed. You see, you cannot just go out, start a crypto ICO, collect money, and claim to use it to reinvest in trading software. These are financial activities which require special licenses in order to perform legally.

These trading and investment licenses are only afforded to the most legitimate, honest, and reliable of all companies. Seeing as this CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited company is not real, not transparent, and not registered, it is safe to reason that it has no kind of license either. If this ICO does actually make trades and reinvest your money as promised, it is doing so without the proper legal consent.

CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited Trading Software – BOGUS!

The trading software that is advertised here is bogus as well. We have it on very good authority that it never actually performs any trades at all. This is just supposed to be one of the benefits that is promised to the people. It is the way in which this cryptocurrency ICO is supposed to make your money back, through crypto trading. However, we know for a fact that it never executes any crypto trading.

The CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited ICO scam simply takes your money and runs off with it. These guys never actually tell us how this automated cryptocurrency trading app is supposed to work. There is literally nothing in terms of an explanation that would tell us what the software actually does and how it does it. This is more than enough evidence for us in order to label this pile of manure as a total joke and an absolute scam.


CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited ICO ROI – NON-EXISTENT!

Simply put, the profits that are advertised here are ludicrous in every way imaginable. We are informed that we can make as much as a 20,000% return on investment every single day that we use this system. This is just ridiculous and impossible. You can count your lucky stars if you make 1% or 2% ROI per day, but 20,000% is stupid to even think it could be real.

The lowest investment package here claims to provide a 500% return per day, but even that is totally impossible. We have gotten tons of complaints from people who have been scammed out of money by this CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited ICO scam, so just stay away from it.


CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited Scam



CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited ICO Scam – Ponzi & Pyramid Scheme!

The final thing that needs to be mentioned here is that this CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited scam is both a pyramid and a Ponzi scheme rolled into one. It promises huge returns, guaranteed, on a minimal investment, but no returns ever materialize. This is the classic Ponzi scheme. It is a pyramid scheme due to the classic affiliate commission bonus program, one that never hands out the bonuses as promised.


CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited Scam



CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited Review – Conclusion

All you need to know about this CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited ICO is that it is a scam. It is specifically designed to rob you of your money and it will do so at the very first chance it gets!




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