Coin Bot Lab Review: Crypto Scam!


The Coin Bot Lab app is a new cryptocurrency trading platform that has managed to scam tons of people out of money. Yes, on the outside this crypto trading tool might look attractive, but that is all. In terms of claims made, literally everything told to you by the crooks behind the Coin Bot Lab app is a total lie. There is not a single honest bone in the whole body of this Coin Bot Lab scam. It has the sole intention of stealing as much money from you as humanly possible.

We have already gotten numerous complaints from people saying that their money has simply vanished into thin air. If this is not already enough confirmation that the Coin Bot Lab system is a scam, then we don’t know what is. Anyway, we’re doing a scam review to provide you with the warning you need to keep your money safe. This is the Coin Bot Lab review and it is here to protect you from this absolutely terrible cryptocurrency scam.



Coin Bot Lab App – Phony Broker Endorsements

One of the things that we know for sure is that the Coin Bot Lab system does not utilize real brokers that are legit. In fact, the website claims that this crypto trading app has been verified by several different upstanding and legit brokers.

There are actually two lies being told here. One of the lies is that these brokers have verified the Coin Bot Lab app as being the real deal. We did some research and it turns out that the Coin Bot Lab scam app is actually not verified by any broker or agency in the world. This is already a huge sign that it is a scam.

Next, none of the brokers listed are legit either. None of these brokers are registered or licensed to operate in a legal manner. Chances are that the brokers listed here are equally as fraudulent and thieving as this very scam itself. They are working in cahoots to steal money from you. There is no question about that.




Coin Bot Lab Software – Fake Users

Yet another telltale sign that the Coin Bot Lab app is a scam is that websites is littered with fake user testimonials. First off, all of the Coin Bot Lab user testimonials are way too positive to be true. Not one person has even the slightest of negative things to say. Sure, it’s always nice to see reassurance, but when there is nothing negative at all in any review out of hundreds of reviews, you can be sure that it’s all a big lie.

Next, the fact of the matter is that all of the Coin Bot Lab user testimonials are totally fabricated. The people are not real at all. They are nothing more than stolen stock images from other websites combined with fake names. People, these user testimonials were written by the very same crooks who are trying to steal money from you with this malicious cryptocurrency scam. It’s just a trick meant to make you believe that there is anything of merit here, when there is obviously not.




Coin Bot Lab Scam App – 100% Anonymous

Yet another way we can tell that Coin Bot Lab software is a scam is because it is 100% anonymous. We are never informed of who is in charge here. We don’t know the name of the people or the company who created this Coin Bot Lab scam. This is probably the number one most suspicious sign here. Folks, we’ve said it before and we will say it again, you simply cannot trust any kind of cryptocurrency trading system that is anonymous.

The reason being because your money will go missing, but you won’t know who to blame, nor will you ever. These criminals running the Coin Bot Lab scam have done a great job at concealing their identities, as they should, because if they ever get caught, they will be prosecuted for theft and fraud. Anonymous and faceless crypto trading solutions are undoubtedly always scams.


The Inner Workings Of The Coin Bot Lab Scam

The next sign that there is a scam afoot here is that we are never told how this trading system actually works. We are not given a single piece of viable information about the inner workings of this Coin Bot Lab trading software. We are told that it uses some awesome technology created by fantastic programmers to create this totally radical trading system, or something along those lines anyway.

Our point is that any info given to us is vague, convoluted, and essentially useless. In other words, we have no idea how the Coin Bot Lab system really works, mainly because it doesn’t. From what we have gathered, this preposterous crypto software has never executed a single trade at all. It is simply an empty shell designed to steal money from you.




Coin Bot Lab Scam App – No Regulation Or License

The final thing that needs to be mentioned about the Coin Bot Lab app is that it is unlicensed and unregulated, which automatically makes it both illegal and dangerous. Performing these activities is considered to be the provision of financial advice, an activity which requires a license to perform legally. A licensing board only affords these licenses to the most reputable of people and companies.

Since this obviously bogus trading app is not headed by a reputable person or company, there is no way in hell that it has a license to trade. We do suppose that this is somewhat beside the point, because the aim of this horrible trading app app is not to trade anyway. Once again people, the Coin Bot Lab scam is meant to steal money from you. It is more or less a bank account where you deposit your money so the crooks on the other end can drain it all out.

Coin Bot Lab Review – Conclusion

Folks, stay away from the Coin Bot Lab scam because it can and will rip you off like you have never seen before!

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