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Trading Forex, crypto, and other assets can indeed be very challenging and risky. However, if you have the right signals provider and autotrader, it can make life a lot easier, and definitely much more profitable too. This is why we are here today, doing this BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro comparison, to see which one is more powerful and profitable.

Of course, both of these trading applications are quite good in their own right, and both have proven themselves to be very useful money making machines.

However, with that being said, using two separate autotraders and signals providers is quite useless. You only want to use one, and it’s what this BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro review is all about. We want to find out which one is easier to use, which one has the better features, and which one will end up putting more money in your pocket at the end of each day.

BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro

BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro – A Side By Side Comparison

Ok, so now we want to look at the main features and aspects of each of these trading programs. This is what the BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro comparison is all about. We want to see how they stack up against each other in terms of profitability, the selection of assets, the level of automation, accepted countries, and a few other things too. Let’s find out which one of these pieces of trading software is best for you.



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Choice of Assets

Let’s start this BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro review out with talking about what each of these signals providers actually allows you to trade with. First off, the BTrade Signal Pro app allows you to trade Forex and cryptocurrencies, and actually it does have a pretty good selection across both asset classes.

You won’t be short of choice with it. However, the BinBot Pro app actually has way more assets for you to work with. For one, it can handle more than just Forex and crypto, with CFDs and some other types of trading being available. More than that, there are just dozens and dozens more pairings for you to trade with. It’s more versatile and there’s more selection.

BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro

Level of Automation

The next thing to be compared in this BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro comparison is which program is easier to use and how automated they each are. When it comes to the BTrade Signal Pro app, it is semi automated. So, it will automatically provide you with what it deems to be the best trading signals, but you have to execute trades manually, one by one.

On the other hand, with BinBot Pro software, you do get this semi-automated trading function, but there is also a fully automated function. In other words, if you choose, you can turn it on and just let it trade for you, which is easy and time saving, therefore making it the winner of this section of the BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro comparison.



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Accepted Countries

Something else which is important to touch on here is who can actually use these respective signals providers. There are many countries out there which put some severe restrictions on the use of this kind of thing. Now, what is surprising is that BTrade Signal Pro software is accepted by many countries around the world, but there are still a good few that won’t be able to use this app, the citizens of the USA being some of them.

On the other hand, although BinBot Pro software is not accepted by every country in the world, it is still accepted by way more of them than BTrade. Citizens of USA, Canada, New Zealand, and other such countries with restrictions on autotraders can still use BinBot, therefore making it the winner of this section of the BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro comparison.


One thing which is awesome about BinBot Pro software is that you can actually create your own trading bot or trading strategy. Here, you can choose which Forex or crypto pairings to work with, you can select your indicators, set them to certain time frames, and then let the BinBot Pro app do all of the work for you, fully automated nonetheless. BTrade Signal Pro software has absolutely nothing like this whatsoever.

Platform Features

Something else worth talking about in this BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro comparison is which platform has more features to work with. Simply put, BTrade Signal Pro, besides semi-atuomated trading and a direct link to, really does not have any useful features. Sure, there is a basic charting solution involved, but that’s about it.

BinBot Pro comes with various awesome features, such as a ton of bots to choose from, a full auto mode, it has way more signals to choose from, a full charting solution, and it comes with a super accurate probability meter too.

BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro


Of course, the most important point to compare in this BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro review is which application puts more money in the bank. Simply put, while BTrade Signal Pro is profitable, with an average win rate between 75% and 85%, it just doesn’t come close to BinBot Pro, which can win up to 95% of trades, or more. Therefore, BinBot Pro just has to be the winner, because whether trading Forex, crypto, or otherwise, it’s just going to put more money in your pockets.

BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro Comparison – Conclusion

Now, the BTrade Signal Pro system is a good app to use for some people, and we are not saying that it won’t help you make money, but when compared to BinBot Pro trading software, it just doesn’t hold up.

The BinBot Pro autotrader is way easier to use, has more assets to work with, has way more features, is accepted by more countries, and when all is said and done, it’s just more profitable too. Therefore, it is the winner of this BTrade Signal Pro vs BinBot Pro comparison, and it is the one we would recommend using.



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BTrade Signal Pro

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