BitGenX Scam Review: FRAUDULENT!


If you have not already heard of the BitGenX scam, you need to read all about it. We have to say that when it comes to Bitcoin scams, and crypto scams in general, we have never seen a more ludicrous system than this. Seriously, BitGenX software is without a doubt the most ridiculous and scamming cryptocurrency system that we have ever laid eyes on in all our years. Sure, mining and investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be very profitable, but some things are just too good to be true.

If you use a scam program like BitGenX software to mine Bitcoin, there is no doubt about the fact that you will lose all of your money. There is a whole lot of evidence present which shows just how fraudulent this BTC app is. At the same time, there is not a single shred of evidence which would lend any credibility this fraudulent Bitcoin mining system.

We are here today doing a BitGenX review to give you fair warning about this thieving program. Yes, it promises massive BTC returns on absolutely no investment at all, which is already suspicious enough as it is. However, there are also many other telltale factors which show the BitGenX system to be a total scam. There is literally not a single reason to trust the BitGenX scam and we are going to show you what those reasons are.



BitGenX Scam App – 100% Anonymous

Perhaps the biggest red flag that came to our attention about this BitGenX scam is that it is totally anonymous. Just to let you know, any anonymous trading or mining system should never be trusted in the least. On the website and during the presentation video, not once are we shown or told the name of a person who could be in charge here. We do not have a single clue in terms of who owns, runs, funds, or who created this BitGenX scam. This is very suspicious to say the least.

The bottom line is that you can never trust any kind of system that wants your money if you have no idea who is behind it. These crooks could literally be anybody. The problem is that your money is definitely going to go missing, it will get stolen, and you will have no idea who did it.

This is the whole reason why the BitGenX system is anonymous. These criminals know darn well that what they are doing is totally fraudulent and illegal. They know that this app steals from you because that is exactly what they designed BitGenX software to do. The only reason it is anonymous is because the owners don’t want to spend time in prison for ripping you off.

BitGenX Software – The Cost

One of the most suspicious aspects of this BitGenX scam is that it costs 0.002 BTC in order to use the system each and every single time. In case you were wondering, with the value of Bitcoin being where it is at now, that is about $20 per transaction. These crooks promise that once you have paid this fee and handed over the address to your wallet, you can earn around 2.5 BTC every few minutes, with the coins being sent straight to your wallet.

This is extremely suspicious, because if the BitGenX app could generate that amount of coins every few minutes, there would be no reason why they couldn’t take the fee off of the generated coins. No, but instead you have to pay the fee upfront. This is nothing more than a telltale sign that the BitGenX app is a scam. They simply take your money and you never get anything in return at all.




BitGenX Scam System – Unrealistic Gains

The bottom line here is that you will never make as much money as promised by BitGenX software. In fact, you will never earn a single penny in profits. You will never see any money coming back to you. Just think about how ridiculous this BitGenX program actually is. The claim is that you can earn up to 2.5 BTC every 5 minutes, all day long. Do you really think that this is true or possible in any way, shape, or form? Just think about the math there.

A single BTC is worth roughly $10K. This would translate to $120,000 of pure profit in a single hour. Now, let’s factor in a whole 8 hour trading day, and the BitGenX system would make you a millionaire. This is all too good to be true. This simply is not possible, realistic, and certainly not so with some free online generator tool. Sure, maybe if you are a newbie these profits sound realistic and nice. However, if you have ever ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies, you know darn well that this is not possible at all. Once again, do not trust this BTC system because it will steal every single penny from you that you hand over to these malignant crooks.

BitGenX Scam App – Old News

The other thing that we need to mention about the BitGenX app is that it is old news. What we mean here is that there are several other scams out there which have already been busted, all of which are the exact same thing as this. In other words, the crooks who created this particular scam have been at it for a long time and they have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

BitGenX Review – Conclusion

Ok, so just to recap, the BitGenX system is about as fraudulent as humanly possible. It does nothing more than steal Bitcoin from you without ever giving you anything in return. This software is a totally unsecured mining app with the express intent of screwing you out of as much money as possible. It is totally anonymous, the promised profits don’t exist, and it will leave you high and dry without a shadow of a doubt. Simply put, stay away from the BitGenX app because it can and will steal everything that it can get its hands on.




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