Bitcoin Cash Grab Scam Review: DANGER!


The Bitcoin Cash Grab system is supposed to be this highly profitable and accurate automated BTC trading system. However, we have done plenty of research and gotten many complaints. There are many suspicious aspects to this BTC trader and they prove that it is a scam. This is our Bitcoin Cash Grab scam review and we are here to prove to you that this is a complete rip off!


Bitcoin Cash Grab Scam Alert



Bitcoin Cash Grab Software – Fake News Articles

The first indication that this is a scam is that the website features a section which claims that this Bitcoin Cash Grab app has been featured on various news websites. The claim is that news outlets like Business Insider and Bloomberg have praised this BTC trading software, as well as an outlet called Bitcoin Sensation Magazine.

Well, the Bitcoin Sensation Magazine does not actually exist, nor has either Bloomberg or BI ever mentioned this crooked scam. It’s all a big lie meant to fool you and lend some fake credibility to this trading system where none is due.




Bitcoin Cash Grab System – Fake Awards

One of the first things that we noticed about this Bitcoin Cash Grab scam software is that it has a bunch of fake awards. The website shows a bunch of awards, all of which amount to something like HEY LOOK AT US, PEOPLE SAY WE ARE AWESOME AND WE ARE DEFINITELY AWESOME!

Don’t be fooled by this Photoshop doctoring work. Those awards are technically real, but they are given to real Bitcoin and Crypto trading applications, not a scam like this. We did our research and confirmed that this Bitcoin Cash Grab scam app has never gotten any kind of award.


Bitcoin Cash Grab Fake Awards



Bitcoin Cash Grab Program – ANONYMOUS

One of the most suspicious aspects of this Bitcoin Cash Grab scam app is that it is anonymous. There is not a single place on the website where we are told the name of the people running this show. Seriously, if we are to trust our hard earned money with some kind of automated BTC trading tool, we want to know whose hands are holding it. Who is the leader, owner, creator, CEO, and so forth?

We need to know these things if there is any shot of us trusting any automated trading tool. The bottom line is that this Bitcoin Cash Grab system is indeed anonymous and faceless, which is for good reason. The scammers that are intent on stealing your money obviously don’t want their true identities revealed because they would undoubtedly end up serving a lengthy prison term for fraud and theft, not to mention for unlicensed trading and investing too.


Bitcoin Cash Grab Scam App – Unlicensed!

As we touched on just before, the Bitcoin Cash Grab program is unlicensed. This means that it takes your money and trades with it without legal consent, or it would if it were an actual trading bot. The point is that this system has no clear company at the helm and consists of totally anonymous leadership.

What we mean to say is that this app could never acquire any kind of necessary licensing. There is not a sane licensing agency in the world that would give these guys any kind of authority with your money. There is also the fact that the company itself is totally fake. The bottom line is that this Bitcoin Cash Grab system never actually makes trades, nor is it technically allowed to do so, or to take your money, in the first place.


How Does Bitcoin Cash Grab Software Work?

Something odd about this BTC trading scam is that we are never told how it works. Well, considering that it is indeed a scam, we suppose that it is not that odd. The point here is that we are told that this Bitcoin Cash Grab software is very accurate and highly profitable.

However, there is simply no explanation of how this could be, none whatsoever. We are never told what kinds of trading strategies are being used, which indicators are set in place, and if there is any kind of special algorithm that makes it so accurate. Simply telling us that the Bitcoin Cash Grab app is profitable and really accurate is not nearly good enough to convince us of its merit.

As far as we are concerned, this whole thing does not work at all. It is an empty shell for innocent victims to deposit money, just so the crooks in charge can steal it. These guys were right to call their system a cash grab, but the truth is that they are grabbing your cash for themselves, not the other way around.


Bitcoin Cash Grab Does not Work!



Bitcoin Cash Grab Scam App – No Profits!

One of the things that we know for sure about this cryptocurrency trading scam is that it is not profitable at all, not a single bit. You can ignore any claims of the Bitcoin Cash Grab app actually being profitable, especially the claims on the website itself. Sure, these crooks claim that this crypto trading system can provide you with profits totaling several thousand dollars per day, but this just is not true at all. There is literally not a single shred of evidence that supports this claim. In fact, there is a bunch of evidence that refutes this claim and proves it to be a total lie.

This Bitcoin Cash Grab system has not been out for long as of yet, but hundreds of people have already been scammed by it. There are countless people out there who have emailed us and complained on various crypto forums out there. Everybody who has invested money into this BTC automated trading tool has lost every last penny. Nobody has ever been able to make a profit with this BTC trading scam. This is more than enough proof for us that this whole thing is a monumental rip off.


Bitcoin Cash Grab Scam Review – Conclusion

If you were thinking of using this Bitcoin Cash Grab system, please don’t. The truth is that it is a scam and its intention is to grab your cash!




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