Bitclub Advantage 3.0 Review: SCAM!


The Bitclub Advantage 3.0 system is a terrible scam that has been making its rounds for the past couple of weeks. In this short time it has managed to scam countless people out of ridiculous amounts of money. We already did a Bitclub Advantage 3.0 scam review before, but seeing as the scam itself is still around, we feel the need to make our warning even clearer. We are here today doing another Bitclub Advantage 3.0 scam review to give you fair warning about this horribly malicious cryptocurrency trading system that has taken tons of people for fools.


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What Is The Bitclub Advantage Scam?

The Bitclub Advantage 3.0 app is supposed to be this really good Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining and trading system. As advertised by the crooks running the show, with a small investment, through automated trading and mining, you can earn several thousand dollars on a daily basis with minimal work for you. Well, of course this would be awesome. Who doesn’t want to make thousands of bucks simply by sitting on their butts? Obviously this is a total lie. You are never going to make any kind of profit using this bogus cryptocurrency system.

For one, we are never informed of how the automated trading works. What we mean is that we would really like to know what kind of algorithms and trading strategies are in use here. Simply telling us that the Bitclub Advantage 3.0 system generates money is not nearly good enough to convince us that it actually works. The reality is that the Bitclub Advantage 3.0 app is a bogus cryptocurrency trading tool that will leave you wondering where all of your money went.


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Bitclub Advantage 3.0 App – An Old Scam With A New Name

Something else that needs to be mentioned here is that the Bitclub Advantage 3.0 system is an old scam with a slightly new name. This used to just be called the Bitclub Advantage app, but they added the “3.0” to the end of the name in the hopes that it would fool us into thinking that this is a different and new Bitcoin trading system.

However, we are not that dumb and quickly realized what is going on here. These crooks hope to fool people into thinking that this is a new system when in fact it is the same old scam. Heck, they did not even change the wording of the website or the look of it. The Bitclub Advantage 3.0 system is a scam and it will rip you off.


Bitclub Advantage 3.0 System – A Plethora Of Complaints

Yet another point that we need to make is that there is not a single happy user of this Bitclub Advantage 3.0 system out there, not a single one. Sure, the website itself has some good reviews on it, but they are all totally fabricated. You cannot trust anything you see on this website. If you go to any other website that has anything to do with cryptocurrencies, you will find out just how unhappy people are with this Bitclub Advantage 3.0 scam.

On the internet, there is not a single good review or testimonial of this terrible Bitcoin trading system. Every single review and testimonial that can be found about this Bitclub Advantage 3.0 software is overwhelmingly negative. They all boil down to the fact that this cryptocurrency trading app has stolen money. Not a single person has ever made a profit using this system, but everybody who has come into contact with it has been robbed of their hard earned money.




Bitclub Advantage 3.0 Software – Anonymous

The next aspect of the Bitclub Advantage 3.0 system that is very suspicious is the fact that it is completely anonymous. We are never informed of who is actually in charge of this cryptocurrency trading scam. Sure, the website mentions something about dozens of investors, expert traders, programmers, and other financial gurus who have contributed to this system. However, what is missing is a name of any kind.

Whether the name of a company or a person behind Bitclub Advantage 3.0 software, we are never provided it. This is probably one of the most apparent signs which signals that the Bitclub Advantage 3.0 app is indeed a scam. You can never trust any kind of anonymous cryptocurrency trading program. There is only one reason for these guys to hide their identities and it is because they do not want to go to prison for stealing your money, something that will inevitably happen if you use this bogus crypto trading program.


Bitclub Advantage 3.0 System – Unlicensed

If you did not already know, systems that use and provide trading signals for cryptocurrencies, as well as programs that take investments for mining, need to be licensed to do so. You can’t just take investments from people at will. The Bitclub Advantage 3.0 system requires a license to do the things that it does, licenses which it obviously does not have.

You see, licensing agencies for this kind of thing do not just hand out licenses like cookies. A system such as this needs to be reputable, it needs to prove that it can provide results, and most important of all, it needs to have legitimate people at the helm with total transparency. Seeing as that is clearly not the case, there is no chance in hell that the Bitclub Advantage 3.0 system is licensed to trade.

This means that if it does in fact place trades, it is doing so without legal consent. However, we are fairly certain that the Bitclub Advantage 3.0 app does not execute trades at all. Nobody has ever made money with it. Therefore, we are convinced that this is just another empty shell for you to deposit money for the crooks running the show to steal from you.


Bitclub Advantage 3.0 Review – Conclusion

The Bitclub Advantage 3.0 is undoubtedly a total rip off. If you invest any amount of money with it, you can bet your bottom dollar that your money will have disappeared by the end of the day!




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