Bit Trader Zone Review – BEWARE!


The Bit Trader Zone HYIP is an alleged high yield Bitcoin investment program, one with massive returns. However, from what we have seen, this is anything but the case. We are here today doing this Bit Trader Zone scam review, and it’s not because we are impressed by it!

Bit Trader Zone Scam Review


Bit Trader Zone System – Anonymous

The first red flag which came to our attention in regards to this Bit Trader Zone HYIP is that there is not a single mention of who might own or run this Bitcoin investment company. The website is just totally void of information on this front. Folks, this is a completely anonymous and faceless investment company, one which refuses to disclose information regarding ownership and leadership.

This is always a very bad sign, something that is indicative of a scam. Unless there is something shady and illegal going on, there is no reason why the owners of a legit investment company would purposely remain anonymous. It’s a clear sign that something shady is going on. Why else would the people behind the Bit Trader Zone choose to stay hidden from sight?


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Bit Trader Zone Company – Bogus Information

The next Bit Trader Zone scam factor which came to our attention has to do with some of the company details, well, all of them really. First off, when it comes to contact information, we tried emailing and calling these crooks, but of course, nobody picked up the phone or responded to us. Not a good start.

Next, we tried looking up the listed address in the USA, because not so surprisingly, the Google Maps feature on the official website is conveniently broken. Of course, the listed address does not belong to this company at all. Not a good way to continue. Next, this is supposedly a legit investment company, one that provides investment services for people.

This means that Bit Trader Zone needs to be both registered as a company and licensed to perform investment activities. Well, once again, of course, it is neither of those things. The bottom line is that this company is not legit, it’s not registered, and it certainly has no legal authority to provide any sort of investment services.

Bit Trader Zone Scam Review

Bit Trader Zone HYIP – Confusion About How It Works

Yet another thing that does not sit right with us when it comes to Bit Trader Zone, is that as the name and most of the website implies, it is allegedly and automated Bitcoin trader. No, the user does not even touch, simply invest money with the company, they do all of the trading, and then provide investors with returns.

Now, yes, Bitcoin trading can be very profitable. There is no doubt about that. However, there is literally not a single shred of evidence on the website which proves that any such BTC or crypto trading ever goes on here.

Moreover, what gets really confusing is that in one of the Bit Trader Zone user testimonials, the guy goes on and on about how this is the best Bitcoin mining system ever. Where exactly this mention of BTC mining came from, we have no idea. It seems as though these crooks didn’t get their story straight, or in other words, they couldn’t even put together a consistent lie.

Bit Trader Zone Scam Review

Bit Trader Zone User Testimonials – BOGUS!

This of course then brings us to the next Bit Trader Zone scam factor, the user testimonials. What we need to say here is that these user testimonials are obviously bogus. There are three in total, and we tried finding all three of the people who wrote them. Of course, we could not locate a single one, not in any way, shape, or form.

In other words, the supposed people who allegedly left these user testimonials are all fake. They are fictitious characters, not real people at all. It’s just a bunch of lies and trickery designed to try and convince potential scam victims that the Bit Trader Zone investment program is the real deal. Folks, don’t trust these completely fake user testimonials!

Bit Trader Zone Scam Review

Bit Trader Zone HYIP – Unclear Investment Plans & No Profits

What also needs saying about the Bit Trader Zone HYIP is that the investment plans are very unclear. There are various plans, and you can invest as little as $300. There are various plans to go with, and supposedly, the better the plans, the higher the final returns.

However, nowhere on the website is it listed what the returns for each plan are. We are just supposed to invest a bunch of money and hope that the returns are very high. Folks, if a company is not willing to tell you, even just a rough estimate of the returns on your investment, you cannot possibly put your trust in it.

Bit Trader Zone Scam Review

There is also the fact that we know that not a single person who has invested money with these crooks has ever received returns. We did a lot of snooping around, and we realized exactly what is going on here. In more than one case, scam victims of Bit Trader Zone have been asked to invest up to 20% more for trading commissions.

Bit Trader Zone Scam Review

In other words, people are being told that they have to invest huge sums of money to cover trade commissions, just to withdraw their profits. Usually, those commissions would come out of the profits, not have to be paid extra on the side. It does not make any sense at all, and it’s a clear attempt from these crooks to screw more money out of people. Unfortunately, some people tried paying the extra money to withdraw profits, but of course, no ROI was ever withdrawn. It’s just a scam!

Bit Trader Zone Scam Review – Final Verdict

The final verdict is of course that this Bit Trader Zone Bitcoin HYIP is a complete rip off. The only purpose it serves is to scam money out of innocent people under the guise of being a profitable BTC investment platform. It’s all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors, a trick to steal your hard earned money!


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