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The BinBotPro app is a one of the best Forex autotraders out there, and it can be used by people from every country around the world. That being said, people so seem to still be losing tons of trades with it, and unfortunately, it’s because people are not following some simple rules and tips. Today we are going to provide you with the most important BinBotPro trading tips and rules so you can finally start making money!


BinBotPro Autotrader Winning Tips & Rules

Alright, so if you want to stand the best chance and winning lots of trades with the BinBotPro autotrader, and you want to minimize the chances of losing trades, you definitely want to stick around. Let’s go over some of the most important BinBotPro trading tips and strategies to remember so you can make big and consistent profits.

Don’t Trade Blindly

Something which all too many people do when trading with any automated trading platform is to trade blindly. In other words, when people are using BinBotPro software, they simply turn on the autotrading function and hope for the best. Of course, this is not the right way to trade. You should never trade blindly and just hope for the best. This is how money gets lost, so don’t do this.


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Always Check For Market Stability

Before you even begin trading for the day with this BinBotPro app, you need to ensure that the market is stable enough to trade. The way to go about this is to visit and check the economic calendar. Go to the economic calendar and select the time zone which you live in. What you are looking for here is 3 Bull News. If you did not already know, you never want to trade when there is 3 Bull News being released. So, if there is a 3 Bull News release slated for 10 AM, do not trade between 9:45 and 10:15. It’s all about market stability. Now, if you do really want to trade at these times, at least avoid the specific currencies which have 3 Bull News releases slated.

Choosing The Right Forex Currency Pairs

The next big BinBotPro tip to keep in mind here is that you always want to choose the right Forex currency pairs to trade with. Here, there are several Forex pairings which are great to trade with, and then there are some which are not so great. If you choose the right currency pairs, your chances of winning trades greatly increase. Now, the best Forex currency pairs to trade with tend to be EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD. However, before you start trading with any of these pairs, be sure that the specific currencies within those pairs are not slated for a 3 Bull News release.

Do Not Use The BinBotPro Premade Bots

Something you may have noticed about the BinBotPro trading app is that there are various premade strategies or bots. These are bots which you can simply turn on and let them run to trade on their own. Now, some of these can be profitable, but for the most part, they are not very reliable. Sure, these premade bots may win some trades, but it’s more in the short run than anything else. If you are doing long term trading, you will notice that the premade bots just don’t hold up and often lead to losing trades, so don’t use them.

Make Your Own BinBotPro Trading Bots

What you need to do in order to make money with the BinBotPro app is to make your own trading bot or strategy. Yes, with this software, you can take one of the premade bots and alter it, effectively creating your own custom bot. Now, of course, there are several things to remember when making your own bot. If you follow these tips and rules, you should be able to make good money with ITM rates at well over 90%.

  • When making your own bot, the first thing to do be done is to choose which Forex pairings you want to trade. Generally speaking, when using the BinBotPro app, it’s best to only choose one single currency pair for your custom bot. Here, you want to choose one of the currency pairs we discussed above, while also remembering to check for 3 Bull News in relation to those specific currencies.
  • Once you have selected which Forex pair you want your custom bot to trade, you then need to set the indicators. Here, you want to activate the MACD, CCI, and Stochastics indicators. In terms of the time period, set the MACD to 5 minutes, and set the CCI and Stochastic indicators both to 30 minutes. However, you want to be sure that you also deactivate the AROON, RSI, and ADX indicators. You do not want to use those.
  • Once you have done this, you can then let your BinBotPro custom bot run on its own, and it should provide you with winning trade rates well over 90%, which should therefore lead to some substantial profits.

Trading During The Right Time Of Day

The final BinBotPro trading tip to keep in mind here is to always trade during the right time of day. This means trading between 9 AM and 7 PM. This is the best time to trade. Keep in mind that this is for the GMT time zone, so if you reside in a different time zone, you need to make the appropriate calculations to match your ideal trading window to the 9 am to 7 pm GMT time slot. Do not trade outside of this time slot.


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BinBotPro Winning Tips – Final Thoughts

So, at the end of the day, if you follow these BinBotPro winning tips, you should be able to make consistent and fairly high profits on a daily basis. What you should know here as well, is that the BinBotPro app does feature a free demo. The BinBotPro demo works just like the full version, with total functionality, but you don’t have to risk real cash, so you can see exactly how it works without having to risk your capital.

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