Binary Robot 365 Scam Review: DANGER!


If you were thinking of using the Binary Robot 365, please don’t. We have done a whole lot of digging around and snooping, and all of the signs point in the same direction. The Binary Robot 365 system is a scam, it is anonymous, and it does nothing but steal money from people. This is our Binary Robot 365 review and it is here in order to protect you from the malicious danger that is this trading scam!


 Binary Robot 365 scam alert


Binary Robot 365 Trading Software – ANONYMOUS!

We have no idea who is in charge of this Binary Robot 365 scam app. This is not for a lack of research, but because the criminal owners involved here are doing their best to keep their identities hidden from us. You see, these guys are crooks, they are stealing money from people with illegal software, and they don’t want to get caught doing it.

People, there is never any kind of good reason for a real trading service to have anonymous leadership. The only reason for it is if the trading service, such as this Binary Robot 365 app, is illegal and fraudulent. These crooks know darn well that what they are doing is not legal at all and they just don’t want to end up behind bars.


Binary Robot 365 Scam App – NOT REGISTERED OR LICENSED!

We also know that the Binary Robot 365 company itself is totally nonexistent. It is not registered anywhere in any business registry, nor is it licensed to do any of the things which it advertises. The bottom line is that this whole thing is one massive sham meant to rip you off!  


Binary Robot 365 App – NOT PROFITABLE!

The fact of the matter is that this Binary Robot 365 app is not profitable, not in the least. Sure, the owners claim that you can make up to something like $10,000 per day guaranteed. However, that is just not true at all.

We have spoken to hundreds of people out there who have been scammed by this trading scam. Nobody has ever made any kind of profits with it. Heck, nobody has managed to do so much ass break even with this horrible trading scam. The bottom line is that the Binary Robot 365 system is a scam intended to steal your money!


Binary Robot 365 scam alert



Binary Robot 365 Software – NO WITHDRAWALS!

Something that we definitely need to mention about this trading scam is the fact that it is not at all possible to make any withdrawals. Now, the website for this trading app claims that there are only the best and most reliable brokers involved here. However, from what we have discovered, not a single one of the brokers in use here is legit at all. All of the brokers are scam brokers and their main purpose is to steal money from you. We know this for a fact.

This is why so many people around the world have been complaining that it is totally impossible to withdraw money made through the binary robot 365 app. Of course, this horrible trading app never actually produces any profits, which is why they cannot be withdrawn.

The money you deposit into your trading account is simply stolen by the people running this scam and the scam brokers. They are working in cahoots to screw you over. We have talked to plenty of people out there and not a single person has ever been able to make a successful withdrawal. This is all of the evidence we need to label the binary robot 365 system as a scam and a rip off.


Binary Robot 365 scam alert



Binary Robot 365 Trading App – FAKE MEMBERS!

Something else that we noticed about this binary robot 365 trading scam has to do with the so called happy members and their profits. There is a section on the website which displays the real members of this system and the money they have been able to generate with it. However, we know for a fact that these people are all totally fake. They are fictitious characters made up out of thin air. They consist of completely made up names and stolen stock images.

We looked these people up online, on Facebook, and everywhere else we could think of. These people simply don’t exist in any way, shape, or form, and neither do the profits which they claim to have made. This is a ruse created by the criminals who are running this binary robot 365 scam. It is a ploy meant to make you believe that this system actually works, when of course the only purpose it has is to steal all of the money that you deposit into your trading account.


Binary Robot 365 Scam Software – FREE DEMO TRICK!

The binary robot 365 scam system uses the classic free demo trick to try and lure newbies in. Supposedly, this free demo is meant to show us exactly what trading with this software is like and what the expected profits are. Yes, this is a really good trick, but that is all it is, a trick. The demo bares absolutely no semblance to what trading with the real binary robot 365 system is like.

It is also not accurate or realistic when showing you the potential profits. Folks, the binary robot 365 demo is totally rigged and engineered specifically to only show good things. It’s all a huge trick meant to fool you into thinking that this trading app gets the job done. Well, the only job it gets done is stealing your money for the anonymous crooks running this scam.

Binary Robot 365 Conclusion

The only thing that is worth knowing about this Binary Robot 365 scam system is that it is a rip off, it is not legit, honest, or reliable in any way at all. The bottom line is that this software has been designed to steal money from you, not to help you make profits through trading. Folks, whatever you do, please just stay away from this Binary Robot 365 trading scam. You will never make a single penny in profits if you make the mistake of getting mixed up with it.




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