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The Bin Bot Pro app is indeed one of the best Forex autotraders out there right now. It has this uncanny ability to win nearly all trades placed, and it features amazing returns too. However, a lot of people are not quite sure of how to use this autotrader properly, and it shows, because tons of people are reporting huge losses.

Well, if this is you, and you are thinking of giving up on the Bin Bot Pro system, don’t do that just yet, because we are here to tell you how to use this app to make big time ROI every single day. Today, we want to tell you how to create your own custom Bin Bot Pro trading bot or custom strategy that can indeed win 100% of trades placed. Let’s get right to it and help you put money in the bank, instead of losing cash.

Bin Bot Pro

Bin Bot Pro Autotrader – Our 100% Win Rate Bot

The main thing which we want to talk about today, when it comes to this Bin Bot Pro autotrader, is that we have created a bot which should always win 100% of trades placed with it. In case you are not aware, this autotrading software does allow you to make your own customized trading bot. Now, there are of course a good number of bots that are available for use, ones that have already been created and are ready to go. However, we really would not recommend using these at all.

The reason for this is because although some of the bots can win a decent number of trades in the short run, in the long run, most of them are losers. We would definitely not recommend using the Bin Bot Pro premade bots. They just don’t work very well at all. The far better way to go about this is by making your own custom Bin Bot Pro trading bot, something which we will discuss in the section below. However, first, we want to talk about the results we managed to achieve using our own custom bot, the very same one which we will teach you how to make.

Now, we used our own custom bot to place some Forex trades, and yes, we really only trade Forex with the Bin Bot Pro system, because it’s most reliable for this. So, our own custom bot placed a total of 3 Forex trades in a few minutes time, and they were all fairly short term trades. Out of those 3 Forex currency pair trades, a full 3 of them turned out to be winners. Yes folks, that is right, our custom bot achieved a 100% win rate, which is of course super impressive to say the least.

Now, what you also need to know here is that we invested around $2,800 in these 3 trades. In the end, our account sat at a pretty $4,500, slightly over actually. So, if we do the math here, we made over $1,700 in pure profit, from only 3 Forex trades which didn’t even take half a day to complete! Talk about impressive. That’s a huge ROI, well over 60%, which is indeed totally fantastic.

How To Make A 100% Winning Bot With Bin Bot Pro Software

Alright, so if you would like to see an ROI of well over 60%, which in this case was a profit of over $1,700, with a 100% winning trade rate, you definitely want to stick around. As mentioned before, you really do not want to use the premade bots, as they just don’t cut muster. Right now, we want to tell you how to create your own custom Bin Bot Pro trading strategy, the same one we used up above to make such massive profits. There is barely any work involved on your end, and all you have to do is copy our settings, and then activate it to make profits. There are really only two steps involved, which definitely makes things a lot easier for everybody involved.

Select Your Currency Pairs

First off, you have to select the right currency pairs to include in your Bin Bot Pro custom trading strategy. The best way to go here is to choose really safe and nearly risk free Forex currency pairs. Today, for our own bot, we chose CHF/USD and EUR/USD. What is interesting about these two pairings is that they have an inverse relationship, so when one goes in one direction, the other currency pair does the opposite. So, when making your own trading strategy, select these two Forex currency pairs for the best results. Folks, for the purposes of your own custom trading strategy, do not choose other pairs!


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Selecting The Indicators

Yes, Bin Bot Pro software comes with 6 indicators that you can choose from, but don’t activate them all. The 3 indicators you want to activate are the MACD, CCI, and Stochastic indicators. Set the MACD to 30 minutes, the CCI indicator to 15 minutes, and the Stochastic indicator to 5 minutes. This will provide you with the best results. Do not activate any of the other 3 indicators you see, or else this whole plan goes down the toilet! Now, all you have to do is let the bot run, and there you go, you should be in the money!


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Bin Bot Pro Autotrader – Winning 100% Of Trades

The bottom line is that if you follow the very simple steps which we have outlined above, it will be nearly impossible for you to lose trades. The fact of the matter is that the Bin Bot Pro system has the ability to win 100% of trades placed and provide you with an ROI anywhere between 50% and 90%, which is of course awesome.

As long as you copy the custom trading strategy which we outlined above, there is no reason why you can’t make big profits just like us. Remember folks, Bin Bot Pro trading software is also one of the only autotraders on the face of this planet that is available for use in every single country worldwide.


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