Best Forex Trading Lessons for Newbies


If you expect to be a profitable day trader, you need access to the best Forex trading lessons around, which is what you get with Andrew’s Trading Channel. Today, we want to take a look at some of the newest and best Forex trading lessons from Andrew and how they can help you become profitable.

Forex Trading Lessons

Andrew’s Trading Channel & Forex Trading Lessons

Ok, so before we get into talking about the best Forex trading lessons for newbies, let’s just clarify where these lessons are found. Now, these lessons can be found on Andrew’s Trading Channel, and they are totally free to access. Andrew’s Trading Channel is all about providing you with trading lessons and tutorials, mostly Forex, but some crypto and stock market tips too. This is a great place to be if you are a beginner looking for some solid trading advice, tips, and strategies too. This is where you will find the best and the newest Forex trading lessons around.

Forex Trading Lessons


Newest Forex Trading Lessons on ATC

So, now that we know exactly what Andrew’s Trading Channel is, and what it’s all about, let’s take a look at some of the newest and best Forex trading lessons which have been uploaded. Remember folks, these Forex trading lessons are fantastic for newbies, but that doesn’t mean that seasoned traders can’t learn a thing or two.

How to Increase Profits in Forex

One of the most recent Forex trading lessons which Andrew has uploaded for the benefit of everybody is simply about how to increase your profits in Forex. Yes, this is a pretty general topic, with nothing super specific in terms of a trading strategy. That that said, here, you are provided with some really valuable insights on how to really jack up those profits so you can start making real money.

Triple Your Account with The 3X EMA Strategy

This is another one of the newest and best Forex trading lessons on Andrew’s Trading Channel. As you can tell, this has to do with using exponential moving averages to place profitable trades. If you don’t know what an EMA is, you will find out here, and you will find out how to use 3 EMA lines to enter and exit trades to put some real cash in your pockets. This is one of the best trading strategies around, and here you will learn how to execute it in a step by step manner.

Making Full Time Income Reading Forex News

As you might know, news releases and developments in both the financial and political world can have big impacts on the values of currencies. Of course, it is therefore vital that you know how to read Forex news releases, how to analyze them, and how to take advantage of them. Knowing what a news release means for the FX market is a great way to place trades. Using this foreign exchange news strategy is something else that you should know how to do, making this one of the best Forex trading lessons around.

Forex Trading Psychology

Yet another one of the best Forex trading lessons around, this one has to do with the psychology behind it. Whether you have heard so or not, a big part of foreign exchange trading, and really anything to do with the market, is very psychological. You have to possess the right mindset, and more importantly, you have to know how to control and ignore your emotions, at least if you plan on being successful and profitable. Here, Andrew provides some really valuable insights as to how you can go about this.

Best Forex Market Hours

Something which you may not know is that there are right times of the day and wrong times of the day to trade Forex. Yes, it is indeed very important to know what the best time to trade is each and every single day. Trading at the right time can produce massive profits, but doing so at the wrong time can cause you to suffer massive losses. Although this is a very simple and straightforward tutorial, it is still extremely important, making this one of the very best Forex trading lessons around.

7 Deadly Sins of Day Trading

This other important Forex trading lesson we want to talk about, courtesy of Andrew himself, is called the 7 deadly sins of day trading. Of course, this has to do with the biggest and most costly mistakes which beginners make. Here, you will find out what the worst mistakes are that you can make, and why exactly they end up being so costly. It’s an awesome trading lesson, one that is easy to grasp. If you watch it, you will quickly be able to reshape your plan and strategy to ensure that these mistakes are never made again.


Forex Trading Lessons & Income Mentor Box

Something we do want to clarify here is that these Forex trading lessons on Andrew’s YouTube Channel are an offshoot of Income Mentor Box. Andrew is of course the mentor behind Income Mentor Box, a full scale day trading Academy. The Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is a full length course, or school if you will, that has the ability to turn newbie traders into seasoned pros.

For a very low cost, a onetime fee, you can become a lifetime member with unlimited access to all content. There are nearly 60 full length Forex trading lessons here, all in video format, and hosted by Andrew himself. Andrew knows how to explain these topics in a very simple manner, so even people who have never heard of FX or day trading before can easily grasp the various concepts.


Crypto Mentor Box Telegram Access - Forex Trading Lessons


Best Forex Trading Lessons – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that if you want to become the best day trader in the world, learning from the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is the best way to go about it. That said, Andrew’s Trading Channel is an awesome resource, and there are always new Forex trading lessons for newbies being uploaded on a daily basis, so check it out!



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