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Would you like to start making real money via Forex trading, but just don’t know where or how to start? If this is the case, the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy may be able to help. People, the fact of the matter is that the professionals make Forex trading look easy. You might think that 20 minute tutorial on the matter is enough to allow you to start making profits, but that just isn’t so.

It takes plenty of education and training, experience and know-how, and plenty of time and dedication to become successful in the world of Forex trading. This is not something you can just decide to do one morning and start making money by the end of day. Today, we want to take a closer look at Income Mentor Box, a world-class school that takes trading newbies and turns them into profitable pros.

Income Mentor Box

What is Income Mentor Box?

The Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is a premier Forex trading school designed for people who finally want to learn how to trade Forex the right way. This particular trading school has now been around for quite some time, and it has helped countless thousands of people become professional, self-sufficient, and profitable Forex traders.

The whole point of Income Mentor Box is to teach you everything and anything there is to know about Forex trading, with the end goal being to bring you from total newbie status to professional status. After you have completed the course, you should be proficient in market analysis, charting, trading strategies, and so much more.

This day trading academy consists of 55+ full length lessons, ones that you can work through in your own time. This is the beauty of the IMB Day Trading Academy, the fact that you can work through the materials at your own pace. You can take two weeks or two years. It’s totally up to you, because once you join, your membership is for life, and you will have unlimited and lifetime access to all course content and all of the great extras too.


Who is the Mentor?

In case you are wondering who the actual mentor or teacher of IMB is, his name is Andrew, and from what people have to say, he is by far one of the best people to learn Forex trading from, and this is true for more reasons that just one.

Andrew has been in the trading business for around a decade now, which is plenty of time to make all of the mistakes and to learn from them so you don’t have to, so you can get to doing it the right way from the get-go. Andrew is a professional and successful Forex, crypto, and stock market trader. He bring all of his experience and knowledge to the table, so you can learn everything he knows, and more.

What people also have to say about Andrew is that he makes learning easy, and pretty fun too, both being important when it comes to a dry and difficult topic like Forex trading. The fact that he presents all materials and lessons in an easy to grasp manner is very important.

Some trading schools out there are so difficult to understand, that many people drop out simply because it’s too hard, and if not too hard, then painfully boring. Well, Andrew brings a whole lot of wit to every lesson, and it does make learning a bit more relaxing. When you feel relaxed, learning becomes much easier.

Income Mentor Box


What You Will Learn with Income Mentor Box

When it comes down to it, with Income Mentor Box, you will learn everything you need to know about all aspects of currency trading to start making consistent profits on a daily basis.

Remember that each lesson comes in the form of a fully comprehensive video lesson where Andrew takes you on a step-by-step journey, complete with visuals so you can follow along with everything he does.

Take a look at the list below for a sneak peak at just some of the things that you can learn in the IMB Day Trading Academy.

  • Support & Resistance
  • Using different trading platforms
  • Stock market vs Forex trading
  • How much money to start investing with
  • Biggest trading mistakes
  • Best entry levels to open trades
  • Using different time frames
  • Using various indicators
  • Forex screening
  • Pumps and dumps
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Personalized trading strategies from the mentor


A Free Forex Signals Group for all Members

One of the best aspects of Income Mentor Box, besides the top-notch education, is the fact that when you become a member, you also get access to a totally free and inclusive Forex signals service. This is a group that operates using the Telegram messaging app.

The point of it is that you will receive up to 12 high quality Forex signals per day. All of the research and analysis has already been done. There is no hard work or heavy lifting involved.

Simply take the signals as they appear, complete with entry and exit levels, copy and paste the signals into your platform or broker of choice, and watch as the profits accumulate. These signals are accurate up to 95% of the time, which makes this IMB Forex signals group a great way to make money without having to know or do much of anything.

Income Mentor Box


The Cost of Income Mentor Box

The other thing that you probably want to know is how much Income Mentor Box will cost you. The cost is a cool $299, and yes, this is a one-time fee. There are no hidden or recurring costs of any kind. Even better is that with that single payment, you become a lifetime member with unlimited access to all content.

Income Mentor Box Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that if you want to become the best day trader you can be, there is no better place to learn from than Income Mentor Box. Stop losing trades and start making money today!


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