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If you are looking for a new cryptocurrency and Forex autotrader, the Automated Crypto System platform is finally here. It has been a very long time since a new, reliable, and profitable autotrader has been released. We are pleased to announce that a new one is finally here, and it is a great one no doubt.

The Automated Crypto System autotrader was released earlier today. It has already managed to make quite the impact in the trading world. This is a stellar semi-automated trading program for both cryptocurrencies and Forex. We are here right now to provide you with a lot of Automated Crypto System platform information.

Automated Crypto System


Automated Crypto System Software – A Great Educational Tool

For one, the Automated Crypto System program comes with a great education system. It is a really valuable tool that will teach beginners how to trade. This platform feature is useful because it will teach newbies how to trade cryptocurrencies and Forex. It will teach beginners how to use this particular trading system.

There are going to be tons of written lessons and video tutorials on a wide array of subjects. Topics like indicators, stop loss, and take profit levels are just some of the educational lessons that will be included here. Sure, if you are a trading pro, you might not need this, but it surely does come in handy for first time traders.

Automated Crypto System


Automated Crypto System App – Only The Best Brokers

One thing that absolutely needs to be mentioned about this Automated Crypto System software is that it uses awesome brokers. Yes, many other automated trading apps out there allowed you to connect to various brokers. However, the problem with most other trading applications is that their brokers just were not good. Often they were unregulated and unlicensed. In other words, the brokers were not legit, heck, not even really legal.

Yet, when it comes to the Automated Crypto System autotrader, all brokers are legit. They are 100% registered, licensed, and have great legal standing. They are not scammers, so you have nothing to worry about here. Moreover, you will have the ability to choose from various stellar brokers. Some of these are 24Option,, and, just to name a few. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it is highly reliable.

Automated Crypto System


Automated Crypto System Autotrader – Responsive Mobile Trading

What we think is one of the best platform features here is the mobile trading feature. Yes, the Automated Crypto System app is primarily designed to be used from your computer. However, it does also allow for really easy and responsive mobile trading. No, this is not the first autotrader out there which comes with mobile trading.

However, it is one of the first Forex and cryptocurrency trading apps out there where the mobile trading feature actually works right. Here you can trade on iOS and Android, more or less on any tablet or smartphone, as long as they are relatively up to date. It is definitely very convenient because you do not have to sit in front of your computer to trade.


Automated Crypto System Platform – An Economic Calendar

Another great Automated Crypto System platform feature is the economic calendar. Yes, guys, checking the economic calendar is always super important when it comes to trading. This hold true for Forex and everything else too. Many automated trading apps do not include their own economic calendar, but the Automated Crypto System app definitely does.

It is a super useful tool that tells you how safe it is to trade with any given currency. Please guys, always remember what we tell you about 3 Bull News. Don’t trade with currencies experiencing 3 Bull News. This is something you can check with the economic calendar included with Automated Crypto System software.

Automated Crypto System


Automated Crypto System Program – Semi-Automated

What is important to note here is that the Automated Crypto System app is a semi-automated trading program. In other words, it does automatically generate signals for you. The signals are based on the chosen indicators and an underlying algorithm. The signals generated here are quite strong and accurate, so there is nothing to worry about there. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you cannot just turn this software on and let it place trades for you. It does not do that. It is only automated in the sense that trading signals are generated for you.

However, you do have to execute each trade manually. Some people might not like this due to time constraints, seeing as it is not full-auto. Yet, this is actually a great thing as far as we are concerned. Totally automated apps never tend to do that well in terms of signals quality or trading results. Here you can choose the various indicators to works with, the trading parameters, and more. This allows you to have a great deal of control over each and every single trade, while still having the best signals to work with. 


Automated Crypto System Autotrader – High Quality Signals

One final thing that we want to mention about the Automated Crypto System platform is that it comes with very high quality signals. What you need to know here is that this software is designed to trade both Forex pairings and cryptocurrencies. This is already something we greatly appreciate because you don’t have to use multiple programs to trade different asset types. It can all be done right here.

Now, when it comes to the number of assets available, there are currently around 30, with more than half of those being Forex pairings. The remaining ones are cryptocurrencies. No, the pure number of trading assets included here is not massive. However, the Automated Crypto System program focuses on the quality of signals, not the quantity. It is important to keep in mind that the quality of provided signals is always much more important than quantity.

Automated Crypto System


Automated Crypto System Platform Info – Conclusion

As you can see, this is turning out to be one of the best and brightest autotraders of our time. There is a lot going on with this Automated Crypto System program, so stay tuned. We will be doing many more reviews and live trading updates to keep you informed.



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