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If you like investing in cryptocurrency initial coin offerings, you might want to keep an eye out for the Arbitrage Coins ICO. Now, the website definitely looks good enough, as they have added a lot of info onto it. However, the content on the site is highly questionable at best. Guys, quantity is not the same as quality, which is clearly evidence here. Apparently, the Arbitrage Coins is supposed to be this high powered cryptocurrency trading platform that we can use in order to make astounding profits.

Actually, the people behind claim that these returns are 100% guaranteed and that we will never lose trades. Does this sound too good to be true to you? It certainly sounds very idealistic to us, but idealism is not the same as realism. Based on all of the facts we have gathered so far, we really do not think that this Arbitrage Coins system is very trustworthy or honest. These guys really do not do much in terms of presenting valuable, real, and believable evidence to convince us that this initial coin offering is the real deal.

However, we have found quite a few scam factors, or at the very least, some suspicious aspects which make us doubt the legitimacy of At any rate, we are here today doing this Arbitrage Coins review to give you fair warning about the potential threat which this initial coin offering may pose to you. Tread with caution folks because you can never be too careful when it comes to people who ask you to invest thousands of dollars with no proof of concept.


Arbitrage Coins


Who Owns The Arbitrage Coins ICO?

The fact of the matter is that we are very unsure of who owns or leads this ICO. Yes, there is an about us page which displays a so called leadership team. However, all of the people we see here do not seem to be very real at all. Sure, the pictures are of real people, but they probably do not even know that their images have been used here.

The names are probably totally fictitious too. The problem here is that we cannot find an online presence for any of these people, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Wikipedia, or any other source which could confirm that these are genuine people.

At the same time, there is also absolutely no evidence that is a genuine company that is officially registered and licensed. This is a strictly monitored financial activity, one that requires registration, licensing, and oversight. A company cannot just go out and start taking investments at all. There is nothing which could confirm that this company is real or legit at all. Yes, they will still take your money, but it is not an investment. They simply take it from you. Did we mention that the domain for Arbitrage Coins software features a hidden and private owner? This is another sign that these crooks do not want us finding out who they really are.


Arbitrage Coins



Is The Arbitrage Coins ICO Profitable?

To be quite honest, from what we have gathered so far, it seems like the Arbitrage Coins app is definitely not profitable. The Arbitrage trading strategy is super dangerous and highly unreliable. Trading cryptocurrencies this way is very risky, unlike what the anonymous owners would have you believe. It only takes a second or two for prices to turn, which will make or break any trade you have open.


Arbitrage Coins


The fact of the matter is that Arbitrage trading is skeptical, it is not proven to work, but it sure does sound fancy. At any rate, this is not a strategy we would ever follow. Moreover, the fact that the Arbitrage Coins software claims to do away with all risk and guarantees profits is both suspicious and false advertising. When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, especially with this highly questionable strategy, there is no such thing as a guaranteed return.

Yes, the people at claim that you can make countless thousands of dollars per day, but we have yet to see a single person make as much as one lonesome penny with this ICO crypto trading system. In other words, nobody has profited here yet, although many have invested money. Oh, and did we mention that the majority of the exchanges listed here, the ones which this app supposedly trades on, are highly questionable and shady in of themselves? The whitepaper provided here is also extremely lackluster.


Arbitrage Coins



Arbitrage Coins System – Possible Ponzi Scheme

There is a very real possibility here that is a Ponzi scheme. These guys employ an affiliate commission program. In other words, you can get your friends and family to invest money with this initial coin offering. If they do so, allegedly you will get up to 5% of the action. Sure, this sounds great, but is it real?

Well, from what we have gathered, there are people who have successfully gotten their friends to invest money with this Arbitrage Coins system, but they never actually got the referral bonus as promised. This is certainly quite suspicious, because if this initial coin offering were the real deal, these affiliate referral commissions would actually get paid out. As it stands, it seems as though this is just an easy way for the crooks behind the Arbitrage Coins ICO scam to get more money in their pockets without doing any of the heavy lifting.


Arbitrage Coins


Arbitrage Coins Review – Final Thoughts

To be quite honest, all of the evidence we have compiled here does speak to the very real possibility that this is just a huge crypto scam. Sure, these guys talk a big game, but they do not appear to walk the walk. Seeing as we do not really know who is in charge here and that the folks running the show have gone out of their way to ensure that we never find out who they are, we cannot really trust this Arbitrage Coins ICO. There are just way too many scam factors and suspicious aspects here for us to be able to rely on this cryptocurrency initial coin offering to actually provide us with any kind of profits.




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