A Trader App Scam Review: FRAUDULENT!

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: atraderapp.com

The A Trader App system promises huge returns of over $5000 per day, yet we have some serious doubts. It might look like an attractive crypto trading tool upon first glance. Then again, if you drink enough liquor, anything can look attractive. The point here is that the A Trader App system is definitely not legit and not reliable. We are here today doing this A Trader App review to provide you with fair warning about this obvious cryptocurrency trading scam.


A Trader App Scam



A Trader App Software – ANONYMOUS!

The first telltale sign that this is nothing more than a complete rip off has to do with the anonymous and faceless leadership of this A Trader App software. These crooks do their best to try and convince us that this Matthew Bradbury fellow is actually the one in charge here, but we know better. This man, Matthew Bradbury, talks a really big game in the presentation video for this cryptocurrency trading app. However, we know for a fact that he is a phony.

He is a paid actor, a fake, nothing but a guy in a 2 dollar suit reading a cheap script. We have already seen him before, representing other scams, which is how we know without a shadow of a doubt that he is a fraud.

He was the man representing the Aria App scam, another cryptocurrency trading scam that we debunked a while back. Heck, during the presentation video, he even mentions how he is the head of Aria Investments. Well, the Aria App was a scam, this A Trader App software is a scam, and they both have the same paid actor representing them.

Folks, you can never trust any kind of cryptocurrency trading program that features paid actors, but actually has anonymous leadership. The only reason why the real leadership behind this A Trader App scam is staying anonymous is because they do not want to end up in prison for stealing your money!


A Trader App Paid Actor



A Trader App System – OLD SCAM WITH A NEW NAME!

Another dead giveaway that this A Trader App software is a scam, is that it is actually the same old scam with a new name and a new look. The old scam we are talking about is the Tesler App, as well as the Tesler 2 app. All 3 of these scams, including the A Trader App system, look the same, sound the same, and have the same scam features.

Heck, the stupid clowns in charge here even forget to replace the word “Tesler” with “A Trader App” once on the website. These crooks clearly just recycled an old crypto trading scam, redressed it a little bit, and are not trying to pass it off as something new. Folks, the Tesler app stole tens of thousands of dollars from people and so will this A Trader App scam system. Just stay away from it as far as you can!


A Trader App



A Trader App User Testimonials – FAKE!

The A Trader App user testimonials which are featured on the website are fake, fictitious, and fabricated. They are made up out of thin air. The website features a bunch of user testimonials that have no names and no faces. The only piece of info we get from these supposed satisfied users is the country which they come from.

However, seeing as there are no faces or names, it is impossible for these A Trader App user testimonials to be genuine in the least. These crooks left us with no way to confirm who these people are, which is exactly what they wanted. The user testimonials featured on the website were created by the very same scammers who created this A Trader App scam.


A Trader App Fake Test



A Trader App Scam Software – NO PROFITS!

The A Trader App program promises that we can make a guaranteed $5000 per day. Well, this is just a big pile of manure. First off, we are never told how this software actually works. Sure, the website offers some nonsensical, convoluted, and stupid explanation that only a monkey would believe. They talk about super powered and lighting quick trading algorithms, but it is all just a bunch of hot air and rhetoric.


A Trader App Lies


This A Trader App software does not work at all, which is evidence by the thousands of people that have already been ripped off by it. Furthermore, making $5000 per day with a scam system like this is not possible at all. Heck, even the best trading systems cannot pull off that feat. From what we have gathered, not a single person has ever managed to make a profit with this A Trader App scam, yet tons of people have been screwed out of countless amounts of money by it. Folks, this is a rip off, an exercise in thievery, and you are the target.






A Trader App Program – IN YOUR AREA???

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this A Trader App system is how we are told that X amount of people in your area have made X amount of money with this system today. However, we are currently writing from an IP address based in Canada. Fully automated crypto trading tools are not legal to use in Canada.

Canadian internet and law officials actually block these kind of programs from working at all. Therefore, telling us that there are X amount of Canadian users right now is nothing but a total lie. It is a load of crap made up out of thin air with the intent of making us feel complacent and comfortable. However, the reality is that these guys are liars and they are not to be trusted in the least.


A Trader App BS Lies


A Trader App Review – Conclusion

Did you really think that this A Trader App system was anything but a scam? The bottom line is that it has one single sole purpose, and that is to steal as much money from as many people as humanly possible. It promises big returns, but delivers nothing but headaches and financial ruin. If you have not already gotten mixed up with this bogus cryptocurrency trading program, you should definitely forget about it.




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