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We are so pleased to announce that there is finally a good place for newbies to learn stock trading, the new stock academy. This new stock academy is set to overtake all others within just a few months, and it hasn’t been around for very long at all. The fact of the matter is that stock market trading is not easy. It takes knowledge, skill, practice, and patience, all of which need to be learned.

This is why we are so excited by this new stock academy, Stock Trading Mentor Box, created by none other than Andrew. A himself. Now, today we do want to talk a little bit about Stock Trading Mentor Box and what this new stock academy has to offer.

However, we do really want to focus on Andrew himself, his YouTube trading channel, and the plethora of videos he uploads on a daily basis. What we do also want to touch on is the revolutionary PSI or profit scalping indicator. This is a super user-friendly trading indicator that comes included with Stock Trading Mentor Box, one that is very useful. Let’s get to it and see what this new stock academy, Andrew’s Trading Channel, and the PSI have to offer.

Stock Academy

Andrew’s Trading Channel

Before we get into talking about the new stock academy or that awesome PSI indicator that comes included with it free of cost, we want to take a quick look at Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube.

When it comes to free online resources for aspiring traders to learn the best tips, rules, strategies, and to get up to date market news, Andrew’s Trading Channel is the best place to be. Yes, it is free, but the real benefit is that you get super specific and specialized tips and strategies that come in easy to follow video formats.

Stock Academy

This channel has been around for years, it has nearly 60K subscribers, and the follower base is growing larger by the day.

We think that this is very important to note because it shows that not only does Andrew know what he is doing and what he is talking about, but also that he is more than willing to help aspiring traders become profitable without charging them money to do so.




We would also like to note that Andrew has been a professional, profitable, and self-reliant full-time trader for about a decade now, and he has seen plenty of success. What is nice is that not only is Andrew truly a professional, but he is also happy, approachable, and he knows how to make learning both fun and easy.


The New Stock Academy

Of course, one of the biggest pieces of news of the day is that Andrew’s new stock academy, Stock Trading Mentor Box, was just opened to the public. For those of you who don’t know about it, this is a brand new stock academy where any and all aspiring stock market traders can learn everything there is to know about trading the stock market.

Yes, this course was designed by Andrew, and it is taught by him too. Of course, we think that this is great because as we have established, he knows what he is doing, he knows how to teach, and at the end of the day, he helps you make money.

In terms of the stock academy itself, it consists of 50+ full-length educational videos. The curriculum here is complete and totally comprehensive, so there is no important information that you will miss. By the end of the 50+ lesson course, you should know literally everything you need to know to be a profitable and self-reliant stock market trader.

What is also important to note is that this new stock academy comes in at a very reasonable price, once you are a member you will be a member for life with unlimited access to all content, and you get that free PSI indicator as well. When it comes down to it, if you want to learn how to be a stock market pro, Stock Trading Mentor Box is the place to be.


The Free Indicator

What we really want to talk about now is the PSI or profit scalping indicator. Now, you probably know that scalping is a special type of trading, and that indicators provide you with valuable information in terms of when and how to place a trade.

However, the problem with most modern trading indicators is that they are difficult to use, and if you are a newbie, it can be nearly impossible to understand what those indicators are trying to tell you. Well, Andrew’s new PSI or profit scalping indicator is not like this at all.

Stock Academy

The profit scalping indicator was created by Andrew and his team of trading and coding experts, and one of its primary benefits, besides telling you when to make money, is that it is super user friendly. Now, there is a bit more to it than this, but in essence, it uses a specialized series of algorithms to provide you with easy-to-follow buy and sell signals.

What is really cool about the PSI is that has the power to analyze on-chain activity and technical price information from the Forex market, the blockchain, and the stock market. This means that you can use this one indicator to trade stocks, Forex, and cryptocurrencies too.

Here you also get alerts and notifications that are based on short-term trend switches and reversals. When it comes to scalp trades and indicators, we think that the PSI is one of the best around, and the fact that it comes included for free with the new stock academy, Stock Trading Mentor Box, is just an added bonus.


The New Stock Academy & Trading Indicator – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that if you want to learn how to trade stocks like a pro, Andrew is the person to learn from. Whether you want to join Stock Trading Mentor Box and get the free PSI indicator, or you want to use Andrew’s Trading Channel to learn stock market trading for free, we recommend doing so!


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