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Do you like the Maximus Crypto Bot system? Have you even tried it? It is absolutely the most profitable cryptocurrency trading software on the market today, and signing up for it is free. Now, this is not to say that this software has not come with some issues and confusion. Today, we are here to talk about some issues that people have been experiencing with their broker selection. People have been logging on to find a different broker displayed each time. Folks, this is not actually a software problem. It’s nothing more than a bit of confusion. This Maximus Crypto Bot review has the purpose of clearing up this confusion surrounding the brokers.


Maximus Crypto Bot App – THE BROKER ISSUE!

Ok, so we and many others have gotten, well, not complaints, but emails from people who are confused in terms of the brokerage system which the Maximus Crypto Bot App uses. The issue is that people have been signing up for new trading accounts and signing in to the Maximus Crypto Bot Maximus Crypto Bot system using the same email addresses and passwords.

Yes, we have talked about broker issues before. Before, the issue was that people were not happy with the broker that was assigned to them. No, you cannot choose your own broker with this automated trading system. When you sign up for an account, you are assigned a broker, the one that supposedly works best for you. So, some people were not happy with this, so we said that you can get a new and different broker by signing up for the Maximus Crypto Bot system with a new email address. This is true and it works perfectly fine.

The current issue is that people are signing up for new Maximus Crypto Bot trading accounts without changing the email address being used. Therefore, it has led to trading accounts displaying a different broker every time the user signs in (subscribes for the system with the same email address as used before). This has seemingly created a great deal of confusion, because people either want a new broker with a new account, or they want the same broker they have been using before, but do not know why the broker displayed is different. Fear not folks, this is not actually a problem. It is nothing more than a bit of confusion that we are here to clear up right here and right now.

Maximus Crypto Bot Software – THE BROKER SOLUTION!

Ok, so like we just said, this is not as much a problem or actual software issue as it is confusion on the part of the users. You see, when you are not happy with your broker and want to get a different one assigned to you, you have to sign up with a DIFFERENT email address than the one you used to sign up for Maximus Crypto Bot software the first time around. This way you will be provided with a brand new trading account and a brand new primary broker. Notice how we say PRIMARY BROKER. This is where the confusion happens.

People have been signing up or logging into Maximus Crypto Bot accounts with the same email addresses. This has led to the confusion. People are seeing different brokers every time they sign up for a new Maximus Crypto Bot account. The issue here is that people have been using the SAME email address to sign up for the account as used the first time. So, instead of getting a new account with a new broker, you simply get a SECONDARY BROKER added to your account each time you THINK YOU ARE MAKING A NEW ACCOUNT, BUT ARE USING THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS.

Folks, all you have to do if your broker seems to change is to go to your broker tab and select your primary one, the one which you wish to use. As you will see, you can actually connect multiple broker accounts at once, but one will be the primary one, and others will be the secondary brokers. You can use any broker you want that is connected. Heck, you can use them all interchangeably if you want. Guys, if you are seeing different brokers each time you log in, just go select the one you want to use. It’s as easy as going to the Maximus Crypto Bot broker’s tab and selecting the right one which you want to use for current trades.


Maximus Crypto Bot System – STILL ACCURATE & PROFITABLE!

If you are interested in using the Maximus Crypto Bot system for cryptocurrency, stock, commodities, or indices trading, we would definitely recommend giving it a try. Seeing as this particular automated trading system is so easy to use, accurate, and profitable, there is really no good reason not to give it a try. As you can see from our own results and from those of many other people out there, it is an easy and quick way to take home some extra cash at the end of the day.

We do really love the whole CONFIDENCE FACTOR which the Maximus Crypto Bot app includes. It literally tells you if a trade has a 50% or 99% chance of being won. This confidence factor indicator makes this Maximus Crypto Bot software super reliable and it makes it almost impossible to lose trades. If you trade right, you can make as much as $1,000 every single hour that you are active. Those are the kinds of results that we like to see.

Maximus Crypto Bot Broker Issues – Conclusion

So, as you can see, if you are having issues with your Maximus Crypto Bot broker always changing up on you, solving the problem is as easy as selecting your primary broker which you were originally using. If you want to get a new secondary broker, simply sign up for a new account with the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USED THE FIRST TIME. If you want to change your broker completely and get rid of the old one, sign up for a new Maximus Crypto Bot account using A DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS THAN YOU USED THE FIRST TIME.



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