LincolnFX.Capital LTD Review – Beware!


The LincolnFX.Capital LTD Forex trading system claims to be one of the most profitable on the face of this planet. However, we discovered a lot of scam factors and red flags which indicate that this is not a legit investment system. Today we are doing this LincolnFX.Capital LTD review to expose this dirty scam and to keep your finances safe from theft!

LincolnFX.Capital LTD

LincolnFX.Capital LTD Leadership

The first red flag which came to our attention about this LincolnFX.Capital LTD Forex trading system has to do with the non-existent leadership and ownership. Simply put, whoever is in charge of this Forex trading venture, they have purposely chosen to stay hidden from sight. There is not a single mention anywhere on the whole website of who might be in charge here, not a single name.

This is always a very bad sign and a huge indication that something fraudulent is going on. After all, if this Forex trading system were legit, the people behind it should have no problem sharing their identity with us. The fact that the people behind the LincolnFX.Capital LTD program are keeping their identities a secret definitely implies that something criminal is going on here.


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LincolnFX.Capital Company Information

The next suspicious aspect of this LincolnFX.Capital LTD trading app is how there is no information provided about the company either. Yeah, the owners are nowhere to be found, but there is a lot more to it than that.

For one, we wanted to contact these guys to find out what exactly is going on here. Well, there is no email address to speak of, and the one phone number listed on the site does not work. Therefore, there is literally no way to contact these people in any way, shape, or form, and that’s a huge problem.

Next, another important thing to know when it comes to any Forex trading company like this is where the company is based. Well, of course, there is absolutely no information provided in this regard either.

Now, it’s not like it matters all that much where the company is based, but what does matter is that the people behind LincolnFX.Capital LTD are purposely choosing to keep the location of the company hidden. Realistically, it is safe to assume that this “company”, a term we use loosely here, is not actually registered in any country at all. From what we can tell, it’s not a legit business entity whatsoever.

LincolnFX.Capital LTD

LincolnFX.Capital LTD – No Licensing

Something that is also important to note here is that the LincolnFX.Capital LTD company is not licensed either. You see, this is supposed to be a Forex trading and investment platform, and thus, this company provides financial investment services to people. Well, this means that it would have to be officially licensed to be legal, licensed by oversight authorities such as the FCA.

Well, of course, as far as we can tell, there is no kind of licensing at all here. This LincolnFX.Capital LTD company is not licensed by any of the necessary authorities, not a single one around the world. This therefore means that this Forex trading and investment company has no legal authority or standing whatsoever. It literally has no business coming near your money at all.


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LincolnFX.Capital System – No Security!

What also stands out about the LincolnFX.Capital LTD website is that there are no security features to speak of. There is no SSL or DDoS, nothing of the sort. From what we can tell, the website is not secure in the least, and this is not a good thing.

Now, you might be worried about outside hackers and scammers trying to steal your money. However, the reality here is that the people stealing your money are the same ones behind this scam, and this is why the site is not secure, to make it easy to rob you blind.


LincolnFX.Capital LTD – No Profits or Withdrawals

Perhaps the most telling red flag of this LincolnFX.Capital LTD system is how not a single soul on the face of this planet has managed to make any kind of profit. Moreover, not only have people not been able to profit, but they haven’t broken even either. The fact of the matter is that we have received literally hundreds of complaints about this scam.

According to a plethora of angry scam victims, money simply disappears, it vanishes into thin air. People deposit money for trading, and then poof, it’s gone, just like a cheap magic trick. It’s quite obvious that the anonymous criminals behind this bogus Forex trading program are just draining trading accounts.

On that same note, some people have attempted to withdraw funds from their accounts, of course, unsuccessfully. People who have attempted to withdraw money from their trading accounts are given the runaround, with their trading accounts eventually being blocked and shut down without ever having withdrawn funds. It’s pretty obvious that whoever is behind this LincolnFX.Capital LTD scam is just stealing everybody’s money.


LincolnFX.Capital Affiliate Program – More Lies

The other thing worth mentioning about this LincolnFX.Capital LTD program has to do with the affiliate program in place here. According to these crooks, if you manage to get others to invest through you, there will be a healthy affiliate commission coming your way. Folks, this is just a lie, a cheap trick designed to get you to fool your friends and family into depositing money.

Make no mistake about it, because the criminals behind this LincolnFX.Capital LTD scam are more than happy to steal money from anybody and everybody. However, you won’t get a single penny out of it, and the only thing you will have accomplished is to help these scammers screw the people around you out of their money.

LincolnFX.Capital LTD


LincolnFX.Capital Review – Conclusion

When all has been said and done, the only thing left to say here is that you need to stay away from this LincolnFX.Capital LTD Forex scam at all costs. The one and only purpose it serves is to steal money from unsuspecting traders!


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