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The GCE Capitals trading systems claims to be one of the best trading platforms for Forex and cryptocurrencies. Now, we do have to say that the creators have made a big effort to make the website look legit. This is why so many people have been investing money and attempting to trade FX and crypto with it. However, there are some really suspicious aspects of this GCE Capitals program which do not sit right with us.

These guys claim to provide investors with massive returns, more or less guaranteed returns. However, at no point does anybody ever say how the trading works or what the actual rate of return is. There is not even any evidence offered which could prove that this GCE Capitals system produces any sort of profits.

That being said, we have received plenty of complaints about this GCE Capitals system, specifically that it does not produce profits and that it does not allow users to invest money. There are just way too many red flags and scam factors present for us to trust this Forex and crypto trading system. We are here today to do this GCE Capitals scam review, and we are here to shut it down once and for all.

GCE Capitals

GCE Capitals Trading Platform – Totally Anonymous

The first scam factor which came to our attention here has to do with the leadership and ownership behind the GCE Capitals trading system. On the official site, gcecapitals.ai, we see a number of people. We see Jackson Nash, the head of design, Katy Abrams, the product manager, Aaron Balance, the CEO of GCE Capitals, and some other characters too.

Now, it is quite clear that the people behind this trading scam have done their best to make these so called company leaders look legit. However, they did not manage to fool us, and the fact of the matter remains the same. These people are fake. We tried looking up all of the people who are allegedly associated with this crypto and Forex trading system. We could not find a single shred of evidence which would indicate that any of these people exist.

From what we can tell, the people displayed in the site are nothing more than stock images combined with fake names and completely bogus personal biographies. It is evident that the real crooks behind this GCE Capitals scam are purposely staying hidden from sight. Folks, you cannot trust these people, because if they are purposely staying hidden from sight, it indicates that something very illegal and fishy is going on.

GCE Capitals

GCE Capitals Scam – A Totally Bogus Company

The next GCE Capitals scam factor which came to our attention here has to do with the company itself. Ok, so first off, there is no phone number provided. So, there is no way to call these people, which is already suspicious enough as is. Next, the provided email address is useless, because we have emailed these crooks several times, and have no heard back once.

Moreover, we are told that the GCE Capitals company HQ is located Zurich, Switzerland, and that there is also a secondary office located in London, England. The gcecapitals.ai site goes so far as to provide addresses for both cities. Now, the problem here is not exactly that the addresses are fake, because they do technically exist. However, the real problem is that neither of those addresses actually belong to the GCE Capitals company. It’s nothing more than a trick meant to fool you into thinking that the company has real locations. It’s not true at all.

The other thing worth noting here is that the GCE Capitals company is not registered either. Neither England nor Switzerland has any official record of registration for this company. In other words, this company is lying about being based in these countries, and in all reality, it’s not based in any country at all.

On that same note, it is also totally evident that this GCE Capitals scam is not licensed either. This is supposed to be a trading system for FX and crypto. Therefore, it needs to be licensed with the proper authorities, such as the FCA, in order to operate legally. However, not a single licensing authority in the world has ever heard of these crooks. The bottom line is that this is a totally illegal, unauthorized, unregistered, and unlicensed trading scam.

GCE Capitals

GCE Capitals Trading Program – Total Losses

Perhaps the most important scam factor to talk about here is how the GCE Capitals system does not produce any returns, and in fact, quite the opposite is the case. The number one complaint we have received here is that this trading scam does not produce returns. The trading app may appear to be good and to win trades, but this is all an empty shell.

In reality, the people behind this trading scam simply drain trading accounts. People have also noted that they attempt to withdraw money, just to be totally locked out. It’s apparent that these crooks are doing everything in their power to steal money and to prevent people from getting their money back. They will simply block you and shut your account down if you try to withdraw any money.

GCE Capitals

GCE Capitals Review- Nothing But Another Scam

The fact of the matter is that this GCE Capitals trading system is just another crypto and Forex trading scam. The owners are nowhere to be found, the company is not real, and it is certainly not licensed or registered. We have received literally hundreds of complaints from people who have had their money stolen from them, and the complaints are ongoing.

People, the one and only purpose which this GCE Capitals scam serves is to steal money from you. Please, whatever you do, never invest any money with these crooks. If you would like to use a real and legit Forex and crypto trading platform to make real money, the BinBot Pro trading app is one which we would highly recommend. It’s the real deal!


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