CryptoMain Scam Review: LEGIT ICO?


If you like investing money into cryptocurrency initial coin offerings, you might have looked at the CryptoMain ICO. On the front page, it might seem like a legit ICO with some real potential to make money. It looks real enough at first glance. However, if you are experience like we are, and if you do some research, it very quickly becomes apparent that there is some super shady stuff going on here. There are a bunch of scam factors here that we came across, ones that show this CryptoMain system for what it really is.

These CryptoMain software creators would have you believe that you can earn a whole lot of money with this HYIP focused around cryptocurrencies, but this is simply not so at all. These crooks offer absolutely no proof that their system in any way generates profits or is legit in the least. Moreover, we here have found tons of scam factors which indicate that this cryptocurrency investment system is anything but the real deal. We are here today doing this CryptoMain scam review to keep you safe. You need to know about the very real threat which this initial coin offering scam poses to you and your financial wellbeing.


Cryptomain Scam


CryptoMain ICO Company Leadership

When it comes to the CryptoMain company as a whole, there is definitely something shady going on. First and foremost, we have no clue who owns this ICO, who leads it, or who started it in the first place. Nowhere on the website are we told anything about the company’s leadership. This is a not a good start at all. Folks, if a cryptocurrency investment system like this is anonymous, it is because there is something illegal going on. If the CryptoMain were legit and trustworthy, the owners would not go out of their way to conceal their identities. The only reason why these criminals do not want us knowing who they are is because they are doing something illegal.


Cryptomain Scam


Next, we also know that this company is not real at all. The CryptoMain website displays a bunch of incorporation and UK business registration documents. It also features a little blurb of a company description. However, the writing is irrelevant, and the documents shown are totally falsified. We looked these guys up and the CryptoMain company does not exist at all, especially not on legal paper. It is not registered anywhere in the world, especially not in the UK. Even the address and contact details provided on the webpage are totally made up.

Finally, this also means that the CryptoMain ICO is not actually legally licensed to accept investments from people. This is not just something that you can do on a whim. A company needs to have transparent leadership, it needs to be trustworthy, and it needs to actually be a legal entity in order to receive a license to take investments, none of which apply to the CryptoMain system. Yes, these guys will still take your money, but they are just stealing it, not investing it in anything at all.

CryptoMain ICO Scam – NO PROFITS!

Something that we can say for sure about this CryptoMain system is that it is not profitable in the least. First off, we are never really told how our investment is supposed to generate a profit. There is talk of reinvesting our money into other cryptocurrency systems and technology, and there is also talk of our money being used for cryptocurrency trading. Either way, there is a distinct lack of detail here and it just does not sit right with us. If we are expected to invest thousands of dollars into something like this, we want to know exactly what is going on.


Cryptomain Scam


Furthermore, the promise of being able to generate 5% in revenue per day seems to be totally bogus. For one, there is simply no evidence to back up this claim. Everybody we have talked to so far, who has invested money into this CryptoMain system, has been ripped off. Nobody has actually made money here, which is a red flag no doubt. Moreover, even if there were claims to fame, making 5% per day off of any investment is nearly impossible and totally unrealistic. It just does not make any sense at all. At the end of the day, it just is not possible to make money here. The CryptoMain app is obviously a scam and it is designed specifically to steal money from hardworking people like you.


Cryptomain Scam


Other CryptoMain Scam Factors

There are a couple of other scam factors to speak of when it comes to the CryptoMain system, so let’s do that right now.

  • The CryptoMain website is chalked full to the brim with spelling errors. Seriously guys, you just cannot trust something like this with your cash when the people behind the software cannot even spell right. If they cannot spell right, they probably cannot count either! The website also has random parts with Russian writing, which is suspicious seeing as this company is supposedly registered in the UK.

Cryptomain Scam


  • It is apparent that the CryptoMain app is also a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. These crooks use a referral system to try and get you to make your friends and family invest money. The story goes that if you successfully get others to invest, you will get a large cut of the action, but of course, this is not true at all.


CryptoMain Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing that we can say about this CryptoMain initial coin offering is that it is indeed a rip off. It has been designed specifically to steal money from investors and hardworking folks such as yourselves. It is anonymous, it consists of a fake company, and it is not even clear how profits are supposed to be generated. This whole CryptoMain app is just way to untrustworthy, shady, and suspicious for us to invest money into it. Guys, please stay away from this cryptocurrency investment scam because you will never make any profits with it.




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