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If you are tired of investing in phony cryptocurrencies that have next to no potential for profit, you will want to check out the new Bittoch cryptocurrency. The new Bittoch system is right now in the midst of the initial coin offering, which means that you will never get BTH for such a low price again. There are many different factors which speak to just how transparent, reliable, and highly profitable this new Bittoch coin is. There are many money making opportunities present, with the BTH initial coin offering being the first of many. Keep reading our Bittoch review to see exactly what this new cryptocurrency and its ICO can do for you.



What Is It – The Bittoch Whitepaper

The Bittoch currency is a new crypto or digital currency with the benefits of providing you with great investment opportunities, lots of interest payments, and a fully decentralized way of banking. The aim of BTH is to be the most transparent and the biggest sports and poker betting platform in the world, with the benefit of also being its own cryptocurrency with many other opportunities to put money in your pocket.

Being totally decentralized is a big deal here because it means being able to keep all of your money and cryptocurrencies in your wallet instead of having to put them in a centralized server. The transparency achieved in online trading and the anonymity of players and people who bet are big parts of the Bittoch Coin system. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, trading, investing, and online betting, the Bittoch cryptocurrency is set to be the biggest in the world in no time at all.



The Bittoch Initial Coin Offering

The first thing that you need to know here is that the Bittoch coin presale already happened on February 1st. However, there are still 5 rounds to go in the Bittoch initial coin offering, with the next round set to happen any day now. You need to keep an eye on the schedule for exact dates. However, we can tell you that there are a total of 5 rounds left between today, February 5th, and the final ICO sale date, which is on February 28th. For all 5 of the Bittoch initial coin offering rounds, there are a total of 2.6 million available tokens.



The BTH presale sold out extremely fast, plus there are not too many BTH coins to go around. This means that if you want to get your hands on a good amount of BTH coins at a great value, you need to be ready to invest during the first few minutes or even the first few seconds of the next ICO round. During the first ICO round, the Bittoch price will be $0.70 per token, with steady increases in price until the 5th round, where the BTH price will be $1.45 per token.

The time to invest in the BTH cryptocurrency is right now, before the value skyrockets. Just think about it. If you buy even just 500 BTH tokens during the ICO for 70 cents apiece, you have spent $350. Since the price is predicted to rise to over $150 by the end of the year, those same 500 Bittoch coins will be worth a whopping $75,000!

The Bittoch Roadmap

There are many exciting things in the future of the Bittoch cryptocurrency. There are many developments which will take place this coming year, ones which will propel the Bittoch coin past many others in terms of value and use. The BTH system is going to include many different aspects which will make it one of the best cryptocurrencies, lending, trading, and staking systems for any cryptocurrency in the world. Let’s take a look at the BTH roadmap and what it has in store for you this year.



  • February 2018 – ICO presale begins on February 1st, with the 5th and final round being on February 28.
  • March 2018 – The Bittoch lending program will be launched with a target price of $10 per BTH.
  • May 2018 – The Bittoch Coin at this point is predicted to be worth $25. The staking PoS system will be launched. BTH will be listed on CoinExchange, CoinMarketCap, and other external crypto exchanges.
  • June 2018 – The BTH target price for the month of June is $40 per coin. The BTH desktop wallet, mobile wallet, mobile app, and tablet app will all be released.
  • September 2018 – The target here is a BTH value of $75 per coin. The BTH web trading app will be launched along with a very aggressive marketing campaign.
  • December 2018 – The BTH price at this point is predicted to be around $110 per coin. The BTH mobile trading app will be launched along with the BTH PC trading app.
  • February 2019 – The BTH value at this time is predicted to be at or over $150 per BTH. The BTH ecosystem will be expanded with several new partnerships being formed.

Ways Of Making Money With Bittoch Currency

We already talked about how you stand to make a huge profit simply by investing in the Bittoch ICO and keeping the coins even just until the end of the year. However, the BTH currency also offers you many other methods of making a serious profit.

First off, there is going to be the Bittoch lending program, where you can lend your coins to the system and let the bots do all of the work for you. The best lending package will allow you to make up to 60% monthly interest and get your capital back in as little as 2 months.



There is also going to be a BTH mining pool, where you can use special hardware and software to mine BTH, thus creating wealth for yourself. Also, the BTH currency will offer a staking program where you can make as much as 10% or more in monthly interest payments. Of course, you will also be able to quickly trade and sell the BTH coins through internal and external exchanges for even more profits.

Finally, there is also an affiliate program set in place, which provides you with interest payments for every person you get to sign up and invest in the Bittoch ICO. You can earn up to 10% commission for each person that invests in the ICO through you.



Bittoch Review – Conclusion

The Bittoch currency is currently set to be one of the biggest and best cryptocurrencies and trading systems of this year, so don’t miss out and be sure to buy some coins during this BTH ICO.

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