Bit Together Review: FRAUDULENT ICO!


Cryptocurrency initial coin offerings are a dime a dozen, with scams popping up like daisies in the spring. The fact of the matter is that there are way more crypto ICO scams out there than there are real ICOs with real profit potential. The Bit Together ICO is one of these scams, which is what we are here to prove today.

This is supposed to be a highly profitable Bitcoin mining system, one that provides massive returns on the daily. Besides there being no evidence that any BTC is ever mined, there are also many other scam factors that have come to our attention. In all reality, this is nothing more than a Bitcoin mining scam. It might look like the real deal when you first look at it, yet this is not so at all.

Some quick research cemented the reputation of this Bit Together ICO as a complete rip off. This is a crypto mining scam and we are here to put the final nails in the coffin of this junk software once and for all. This is our Bit Together scam review and we are going to burry this load of crap six feet under for good!


Bit Together Scam


What Is The Bit Together Initial Coin Offering?

To put it in simplest terms, this is supposed to be a Bitcoin and crypto mining system. Apparently, we invest a bunch of money, we wait for a few days, and then we can start withdrawing our profits, about 13% per day.

However, we have a pretty big problem here and it has to do with the BTC mining itself. Really, we are never provided with any valuable info about the mining going on here. We are not told where the mining facilities are located, how large they are, what the capabilities are, or what the overhead costs are.

We are also never told how much of our money is reinvested into the cryptocurrency mining and how much is given to us in the form of profits. The bottom line here is that there is no clear information about the Bitcoin mining that is supposed to happen. Even worse, there is actually zero evidence that this mining ever happens at all.



Perhaps the most suspicious aspect of this Bit Together ICO is the fact that the company as a whole it totally fraudulent and non-existent in every way imaginable. First off, there is no clear leadership to speak of. This BTC mining and investment system is totally anonymous.

We are never told who is in charge here, who funded it, or who did any of the programming. This initial coin offering is 100% completely anonymous, faceless, and the crooks behind it are doing their best to keep their identities hidden from us.


Bit Together Scam


Next, the company itself, Bit Together, is not registered or licensed in any way, shape, or form. The business is not real, it is not registered, there are no contact details, and there is no physical address either. Sure, we are shown some phony purple colored incorporation and business registry document, but it is totally fake. At the same time, we know that this Bit Together company is not licensed to take investments from people either.

Literally everything going on here is totally fake, bogus, and just one huge lie. The company has no clear leadership, the owners are anonymous, the company is not registered or real, it has no physical HQ, and it is not licensed either. This whole mess is completely illegal and they have literally zero right to take any money from you, whether they claim that it is an investment for BTC mining or not.




Bit Together ICO Scam – NO PROFITS EVER!

The other thing that we need to mention about this Bit Together Scam ICO is that you will never make any money with it. Sure, these crooks promise a daily ROI of 13%, but that is totally laughable. There is not a single BTC mining system in the world that can generate that kind of income. This is especially true because Bitcoin is so volatile, so guaranteeing these returns is just dumb.

However, no matter what kind of software you use, making that much ROI per day is just not possible. We also know that it is not possible to make withdrawals with this system. Tons of people have tried making withdrawals and no one has ever been successful. This is nothing more than an exercise in thievery and criminality!


Bit Together Scam




Something else that as glaringly obvious about this Bit Together ICO, is that it is both a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. First off, there is a whole affiliate referral program going on here, one with many tiers of affiliate bonuses. In other words, if you get your friends and family to sign up with this initial coin offering, you will be given a bonus.

This is a classic pyramid scheme, one that makes you do the heavy lifting, one that actively gets you to screw over your friends. Now, this is not technically illegal. However, what is illegal is not paying out those bonuses. That is right, not a single person has ever received any amount of bonus through the affiliate program. This is false advertising.

On that same note, we also know for a fact that this Bit Together system is a Ponzi scheme. It has all of the classic Ponzi scheme factors. It promises huge returns, guaranteed returns, on a small investment, but no profits ever come to you. These crooks simply take the money that you invest and they use it for their own gain, probably for guns, drugs, and women, but who knows.


Bit Together Scam



Bit Together Scam Review – Conclusion

As you can see, there is plenty of evidence to prove that this Bit Together initial coin offering is indeed a rip off. It is anonymous, unregistered, and licensed. Also, the promised profits are ridiculous, not to mention that it is impossible to make withdrawals.

This is a horrible little Ponzi and pyramid scheme that has taken way too many people for fools. People, stay away from this Bit Together scam because the only thing you will accomplish is the total loss of your investment!



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