30 Day Success Club Scam Review

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: 30daysuccess.club

Advertisement revenue systems like the 30 Day Success Club program are taking the world by storm right now. Sure, ad revenue focused websites can be a pretty good way for you to make money on the side, or even a full time income if things go to plan. It is indeed a legit and fairly reliable way of making some cash. However, this is only the case if you use a legit ad revenue system, not some scam.

The 30 Day Success Club program claims to be the real deal, a program that can earn you several thousand dollars per day. Apparently, you do not even have to lift a single finger to make this money. Just pay some money for the application license and the money will start rolling in. Yet, there is not a single shred of evidence to back up any of claims made by these guys. Furthermore, there are actually many different scam factors which came to our attention.

All of these factors indicate that the 30 Day Success Club HYIP program is indeed nothing more than a bogus get rich quick scheme. We are here today doing this 30 Day Success Club review for your good. We want to give you fair warning about the very real financial danger you will put yourself in if you get mixed up with this bogus advertisement revenue investment package.


30 Day Success Club


30 Day Success Club HYIP – FAKE OWNERS & MEMBERS!

The 30 Day Success Club system is 100% anonymous. The owner, Debbie, as heard from in the presentation video, is not the real deal. She tells us some sob story to try and tug at our emotions, but it does not work. Debbie is nowhere to be found, it is impossible to confirm her identity, and she refuses to show her face. This total lack of transparency is scary and it signals that something shady is happening with this 30 Day Success Club ad revenue system.


30 Day Success Club



30 Day Success Club System – LIES ABOUT THE PRICE!

At one point on the website, we are told that the 30 Day Success Club system is totally free to use. However, later on, there is a banner which states that we can get an insane discount if we sign up now. So, which one is it? Is the system free to use, or does it cost money but we get a discount? These kinds of inconsistencies tend to signal that a scam is afoot. The crooks in charge here are just trying to confuse us!


30 Day Success Club



How Does The 30 Day Success Club Program Work?

The explanation given as to how the 30 Day Success Club app works is clear enough. Apparently, we get a fully made website that has advertisements on it. These advertisements will then generate revenue for us whenever visitors click on them. Yes, this is an actual thing, and under the right circumstances, it can actually work. However, there is a little more to the 30 Day Success Club scam system than meets the eye.

The really confusing aspect here is that we are supposedly given a fully built and functioning website. A site that is already made, with lots of traffic, is going to take a whole lot of time and money to build. Why exactly would these guys supply us with a ready to go website for this ad revenue system? They could just keep the websites for themselves and take in 100% of the profits. It really does not make any sense at all. Why would these guys provide us with a full website, the revenue system, and not even charge us money for it? The answer is that this is a get rich quick scheme and the whole thing is nonsense.


30 Day Success Club



30 Day Success Club Ad Revenue System – NOT PROFITABLE!

If you really need to know, the 30 Day Success Club app is definitely not profitable, not in the very least. It claims that you can make thousands of dollars per day without fail, totally guaranteed. Ok, so for one, guaranteeing profits is not possible, not ever. When it comes to advertisement revenue based websites, how much money you can make in a day all depends on the amount of people visiting the site and how many people actually click on the banners.

Sometimes it is required that the people actually buy something for you to get a commission. Whichever way you put it, it is literally 100% impossible to guarantee profits with this method. Moreover, we’ve talked to quite a few people who have gotten mixed up with this 30 Day Success Club scam, and they all have said the exact same thing. They invest money to buy the software, but then nothing ever happens. The money just disappears and that is the end of it.


30 Day Success Club Program – FALSE DEADLINE!

These crooks try to use the whole deadline trick. Apparently, the chance to get this software or ad revenue program for free will expire on the 27Th of July. However, it is still unclear whether or not this software costs any money to use. The home page would have us believe that it is totally free. Based off that, it makes no sense to say that the deadline to use this system for free expires. No matter what, no matter which way these guys put it or you look at it, something really shady is going on here. This renders us totally unable to trust the 30 Day Success Club in any way at all.


30 Day Success Club



30 Day Success Club Scam Review – Conclusion

The reality here is that the 30 Day Success Club program is indeed a complete and total rip off. It is a monumental exercise in thievery and you are the target. These guys promise huge results, but they do not actually deliver. It might seem like the real deal, but it is anything but reliable or profitable. Guys, just stay away from this ad revenue scam because it will cost you a heck of a lot of money, plus your sanity too.  




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